Trails of Tears – Be One of the Cool

Remember when you were a little one, and maybe an adult of some persuasion was at the stove, cooking a meal, and you reached up with your hand to touch the mystery in your mind of what was going on and your hand got promptly slapped away? Cool!

Now, can you remember as an adult, when other adults (not like those adult “doctors” back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s who lit up a cigarette on a television commercial, inhaling deeply, telling us which brand of cigarette they thought was cool) tell you that their latest technological wizard of a product will make your life even more unbelievably cool than it already is?  Sure you can.  You hear it nearly everyday from every electronic or wireless piece of shitf**kery in front of our eyes or in our hands 24/7/365.

Present day, where stupidity and willful ignorance is still considered a cool thing, it amazingly continues to be encouraged, and even celebrated! (how else to explain the full monty of jackals running… well, about everything).

Stupidity and ignorance from the un-cool can lead to the same unpleasantries that dickhead actors, passing themselves off as doctors in television commercials that demon corporations paid for decades ago – that being thousands of expired bodies before their time.

The un-cool of the present era have only shyte for all of us.

They tell us we need faster than road runner electromagnetic goo; we need more data bombarding our already taxed-out minds; we need the same f**kery that tobacco companies from ages past presented.

The modern day equivalent of the tobacco industry’s horrid offering from just a few decades ago is the telecom’s 5G and wireless radiation offerings.

More than 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world demonstrate the harmful biological effects of wireless radiation. Because of their developmental stages, children are much more susceptible. In addition, wireless radiation effects are cumulative, putting children at greater risk.

Effects include:

  • Detrimental effects on fetal and newborn development
  • Detrimental effects on young children
  • Brain tumors and other cancers
  • DNA damage and altered gene expression
  • Neurological effects and cognitive impairment
  • Impaired sperm function and quality
  • Learning and memory deficits
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Altered metabolism
  • And more

via – 5G The Global Human Experiment Without Consent

Very un-cool!

Yet, as a counter-balance to the un-cool –  all of us have had the experience of knowing someone who was so very cool.

The better half here at the Asylum had a brother who was one of them.

Living in the mountains in Colorado, he was loved by all in the small town he lived in. There wasn’t a person he wouldn’t help, wouldn’t lend a helping hand to – he had one of those smiles…you know the kind – you see it, you’re instantly attracted to it, and you know…yes, they are so cool. So cool that the town had a monument created and erected in his memory.

Tragically, at the young age of 31, riding his beloved bicycle on the mountain roads, a car hit him and took his life.

But his memory of kindness, selflessness, of giving to all, and a smile that will never be forgotten, lives on.

What does this have to do with 5G – nothing and everything.

The un-cool bring the world trails of tears, of dishonesty, of thievery, of wars, of sickness  and out and out f**kery of all life.

The cool – they clear trails of tears, allowing us to explore beauty, to see new vista’s, to find truth. They stand to help others, to ease our paths, to bring healing…to stand for all life.

Be one of the cool!


Tonight’s musical offering:

“You’re so Cool” (Main Title) · Hans Zimmer – True Romance (Original Motion Picture Score)

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  1. wow…very beautiful post. The person you describe is as rare as diamonds these days to find. How lucky to have that person in your life and get a chance to know them.

    Today it is ”cool” to have a machine attached to the body like a an appendage. Those who don’t have them are not only uncool but have to be driven into the fold. ”look at this screen”…here look!! you wanna look don’t you! NO!! I don’t!! Yet those who are ‘cool’ think i am insane for not wanting to join hive mind. perhaps I am but I will live my life outside the box as long as possible…

    The other thing is those with those boxes irradiate everyone around them. They are not just harming themselves. They are giving the gift of cancer to all those they come in contact with as they never leave the thing at home.

    Everyone within 50 feet of them gets hit with radiation. how many people in a crowd with one of those boxes in hand? how much radiation do each one put off ? Even if you won’t have wifi in your home your neighbor does and they are eager to share the love! Share the effects.

    Image a concert or mall where thousands of people are carrying those hand held radiation boxes with them and each one pounds every person around them. That is a karmic debt waiting to happen. The harm they do to total strangers is immeasurable. Blindly pumping radiation into every living thing around them with that phone in hand. What a perfect killing machine. Turns everyone into unknowing assassins.

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