Tea for Two or More

“I always advise people never to give advice” ~ P.G. Wodehouse Well, it’s that time for the quarterly fund raising campaign at the local classical music station here in the mega-metropolis the Asylum is located in, where we’re also allowed… Read More ›

Sunday Baroque

Sunday is a day of rest for those not not attending “power” meetings where mayhem and destruction are on the Sunday brunch menu – you know, high-ranking government fiends along with their ogre counterparts from war-making corporations. A day of… Read More ›

As October Comes

“October is a symphony of permanence and change.” ~ Bonaro W. Overstreet There was hardly a soul who wasn’t standing in stunned silence.  Mouths agape.  In some cases, it seemed drool was making its escape from lower lips. Most didn’t even… Read More ›

Weekend Grooves

“Jazz music is America’s past and its potential, summed up and sanctified and accessible to anybody who learns to listen to, feel, and understand it. The music can connect us to our earlier selves and to our better selves-to-come. It… Read More ›