Loving the Artificial – Your New Master

“This, to me, is the ultimately heroic trait of ordinary people; they say no to the tyrant and they calmly take the consequences of this resistance.” ― Philip K. Dick

Just in case you might not have heard…there is a revolution brewing, where machines will provide what shitard overlords have kept from us all…the simple beauty of allowing ordinary folk to live without encumbrances of f**kery. Except, in the modern era of ugly shit being forced upon us all, programmed AI monsters can do exceptional shyte:

In what researchers claim is a world first, a new flu vaccine designed by artificial intelligence has gone on trial in the United States.

Seasonal flu vaccines typically do not offer full protection. In fact, Public Health England said that the 2017-18 flu vaccine in the UK had only a 10 percent efficacy with those 65 and over, and an average of 15 percent across all age groups. – via healthnutnews.com


Haven’t we been lead to believe that seasonal flu vaccines that pharma shysters offered in previous years were the chemical shyte our bodies craved to ward off a week or so of feeling bad? What the f**k is going on?

The chemical goo they’ve preached for how long now, that will ward off a week of feeling rotten, hasn’t quite worked as these shysters told us it would?

Who would have thought.

But just relax, the world has been waiting for AI to do the following shyte to our bodies…

AI (artificial intelligence) uses artificial neural networks that mimic the human brain and can recognize patterns and adapt to change. But it also has the ability to take in and process far more information than possible by the human brain.

To create the vaccine, Petrovsky and his team created a computer program called “Sam” which they taught to recognize vaccines that did and did not work against the flu. Then, they created an additional program (that they compared to a “mad chemist”) to create trillions of hypothetical compounds. The program then generated a shortlist of what it determined were the ten most effective targets. – via healthnutnews.com

Mother of Jesus!

But Jesus, nor his mother, have anything to do with such chicanery.

Just what is the definition of “artificial”, one might wonder:

Definition of artificial

1humanly contrived (see CONTRIVE sense 1b) often on a natural model MAN-MADE; an artificial limbartificial diamonds

2ahaving existence in legal, economic, or political theory

bcaused or produced by a human and especially social or political agency; an artificial price advantage. Within these companies, qualified women run into artificial barriers that prevent them from advancing to top positions in management.— James J. Kilpatrick

3alacking in natural or spontaneous quality; an artificial smile; an artificial excitement

bIMITATIONSHAM , artificial flavor

4based on differential morphological characters not necessarily indicative of natural relationships

In plain language…you are f**ked!

Love your AI…love its absolute insanity, love its sham.

Your body will suffer in unimaginable ways in the future and will curse your arse that you actually believed in such f**kery. And it just won’t curse your flabby arse – it just might see fit that you find undisclosed hideous regions in the nether world to contemplate why you had no regard for the health of your body and soul, and those of your brethren.

On the other hand, maybe this guano of the modern era isn’t much to be concerned about, for there certainly must be an AI program to end your life, just as you didn’t wish.  And it’s all good.

For the artificial is what the demons dream of – for you and yours, with your complete acceptance.


Tonight’s musical offering:


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