Great Water!

The regular daily insanity at the Asylum was curtailed for a spell yesterday as kitchen pipes that had rusted through, enabled water to get to places previously banned, creating a pleasant squishing sensation under a couple of kitchen tiles close… Read More ›

Our Daily Bread

Humorless oafs can ruin any social outing.  Yes, you know the ones – ordering anchovies on a pizza for a group of folks allergic to all forms of life aquatic. What promised to be an epic gabfest of exchanging texts… Read More ›

What a Gig!

It’s a banner day when you get a gig that pays an average yearly salary of $17.3 million. Estates are born, multiple homes are purchased, first class vacations are taken – throw in a few other expensive extracurricular activities of… Read More ›

Detoxing from the Poison

If the U.S. government, along with their devilsihly intrepid enablers of lunacy, lies, and general pandaemonium known as the mainstream media will lie about wars, government expenditures – will carry the governments water when it comes to regime change forced… Read More ›

Never Tell Me the Facts

  “What luck for rulers that men do not think.”  ~ Adolf Hitler Living in the USA, a country, or maybe more appropriately, its government and media, that appears at all costs would prefer you don’t know the truth – we… Read More ›


Reluctantly, we’re back reviewing the “news”. Probably better to watch grass grow and actually, watching grass grow might be more interesting given the “news” that the main street media is having their next cow about – that being the current… Read More ›