The Healthy Mind

Beset by mindless distractions in the modern era is just part of living in it. Cell phones, texting, social media, TV, movies, music – we’re surrounded by it. Social beings that most of us are, we want and need to… Read More ›

The Blessed Spirits

It’s doubtful she knew she was a blessed spirit.  But she was. In December, 1973, I found myself laying on a hospital bed – again. It was the 3rd or 4th hospital visit that year (I still can’t remember for… Read More ›

Essential Oils to Go

As Henry was doing his morning yoga routine this morning out on the Asylum grounds, and the monarch butterflies were enchanted with the oregano in the garden that Henry hasn’t managed to mangle, I started to think about essential oils…. Read More ›

Great Water!

The regular daily insanity at the Asylum was curtailed for a spell yesterday as kitchen pipes that had rusted through, enabled water to get to places previously banned, creating a pleasant squishing sensation under a couple of kitchen tiles close… Read More ›