Month: November 2016

Of Drones and Newscasters

Sven, part-time dishwasher and our full time investigative reporter here at Dispatches from the Asylum has found that drones, masquerading as newscasters, have taken over local news outlets across the country Sven, posing as a typical TV viewing citizen sat… Read More ›

Three of a Kind

Meet Your New Tri-Three Presidential Administration by Decker – exclusive to Dispatches from the Asylum In a stunning move, never done before in the history of the USA, media conglomerates CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, AP, Reuters and PBS… Read More ›

Your Dog Remembers…

  Reading today in EurekAlert! – The Global Source for Science News ( comes an article entitled:  Your Dog Remembers What You Did   Henry, the Asylum’s mascot (to your left) and resident mischief-maker does indeed remember what we do here.   He… Read More ›