Month: November 2017

Bickering Cameras

Technology has brought so many wonders to enrich the lives of the collective in the modern era.  A computer you hold in your hand that communicates with other computers that are held in another person’s hand so you can instantly… Read More ›

The Healthy Mind

Beset by mindless distractions in the modern era is just part of living in it. Cell phones, texting, social media, TV, movies, music – we’re surrounded by it. Social beings that most of us are, we want and need to… Read More ›

Life in Paradise

“The path to paradise begins in hell.” ― Dante Alighieri   Whether globalists, banksters, elites or any other garden variety of nut-jobs proclaiming their sanctity via media interviews, embarrassing award acceptance speeches or backlot meetings with Beelzebub himself – you… Read More ›