Once There Was A Way…

When we are surrounded by surveillance insanity…this is what we get because we continue to put up with it:

In a recent statement, Google admitted that they were listening to some of their customers through the Google Home smart speakers, which are always listening, and recording. The company said that they only use .2% of the data that they collect, which is still a lot of data considering how many people have these devices.

“We partner with language experts around the world to improve speech technology by transcribing a small set of queries – this work is critical to developing technology that powers products like the Google Assistant. Language experts only review around 0.2% of all audio snippets, and these snippets are not associated with user accounts as part of the review process,” the statement said. – via truththeory.com

Only 0.2% of all audio snippets are part of the review process…sure, right!

That they listen at all is proper f**kery – that people continue to use their shittery…insane.

While watching the tennis final earlier today, it was a glorious thrill that viewers were graced with watching, in between the brilliant play, a “johnson” advertisement, where the company advertising their services for men’s impaired “junk” chose to add visuals that included crooked carrots, cucumbers…with old farts holding said vegetables in front of their disbelieving eyes with incredulous looks that their semi-limp junk could look like a deformed vegetable.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph! This is what has become of it all – limp dick corporations offering their services to provide old farts with a stiff johnson?

Who gives a shyte that there is weather warfare being waged upon us all.   If you can’t look up long enough from your hand-held radiation devices to witness the destruction of us all via this weather warfare, not to worry, you have other forms of entertainment from the usual f**ktards from each “side” of the aisle, spouting off that one degenerate politician should leave the country, with the other degenerate politician shouting back that she doesn’t fear her lunatic brethren with orange hair to keep that warm glow in your head that all is right, when in truth, all is shyte.  Theatre for the masses to be bothered by while the country is mired in guano these a-holes continue to stand for.

If they actually gave a flying f**k about any of us, the chemical spraying would stop; the spraying of chemicals upon the food we eat would stop; the chemical f**kery they add to the water we drink would stop; the wars they dream up and get boned about would stop; the injection of chemical goo into our children would stop. And the endless propaganda from a witless and depraved media would cease.

Ah, but to hope.

The ordinary citizen, the regular “joe”, no matter their chosen gender of the day, should conclude that no matter their belief system, that they are being reamed up the ass, in a variety of inclusive ways, by a government that breathes deeply of, and relishes in, pure f**kery of us all…no matter our chosen gender, our chosen belief, or of these shysters well of insanity we willingly accept each and every day.

Take a step back, listen and try to comprehend their bullshit – nothing of their stench offers you a sliver of salvation from the insanity they preach…but, when it comes down to how they actually live, please remember this…do as they say, and not to how they they actually live.

For you won’t see these shysters taking a caravan of immigrates into their homes; you won’t see these demons offering their own sons and daughters to fight in their wars; and you won’t see them practicing a tiniest portion of the bullshit of their religion they preach…ever!

Just rest easy and continue to follow their f**kery.

Obey, consume and repeat… and all will be well.


Tonight’s musical offering:

The Beatles – “Golden Slumbers”

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@shanerounce



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