Beyond Washington’s Laboratory of Death

It’s always good to know when you’ve run across a “Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde”, especially when he happens to be the president of the richest country in the world.

Trump threatens Syria, Slams Iran in UN General Assembly Address:

Emphasizing the need for a “reinvigoration” of the UN-led Syrian peace process and saying that “our shared goals [in Syria] must be the de-escalation of military conflict along with a political solution,” Trump threatened a US military response if Damascus deployed chemical weapons. via

So, if a country does the dastardly (and utterly preposterous) things that the US and its allies say they’re doing, or will do whenever Washington orchestrates whatever concocted scenario necessary to provide the appropriate teleprompter readings for the bought and paid for mainstream media to spout off about, Washington will show them exactly how the peace process, according to Washington, really works.  It’s like everything Washington thinks of, acts upon or takes action on, is hatched in Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde’s laboratory for the criminally insane. De-escalating a military conflict with US military intervention Jesus, Mary and Joseph – choice guano indeed!

And the clown assistants in Washington’s laboratory – the likes of Pompeo, Bolton, Haley and the master of ceremonies of the three-ring circus (for this week) Rudy Giulliani, are weighing in with their deep thoughts of murdering more innocents and overthrowing yet another country that won’t bend the knee to Washington’s sick and depraved notion of what life on planet Earth should be all about…for everyone.

Speaking on Saturday Rudolph Giuliani, the former NYC mayor and current Trump lawyer, said he is confident that Trump-imposed sanctions on Iran would lead to a “successful revolution” overthrowing the Iranian government.

Giuliani told a crowd that the Iran regime change “could be in a few day, months, a couple of years. But it’s going to happen.” He made the comments the same day as a major terrorist attack in the Iranian city of Ahvaz, where gunmen attacked a parade, killing 29 people. – via

Good work, Rudy!

But much to the dismay of those in attendance where Mr. Giuliani was speaking (where the MEK supporters were chanting John McCain’s name), the White House attempted to distance themselves from one of their clowns speaking just a bit more truth than what these blood thirsty a-holes want the public to know about.

But it’s all good.  Trump ran on a platform of non-interventionist policies – a reason many voted for the man. But as we all know, promises on the campaign trail mean nothing to these shysters. And so, it’s to be expected that we’re now told from the shitheads in Washington, that US troops will remain in Syria. What a gift to our troops.  And what a gift to the shareholders and CEO’s of corporations of the military industrial complex where it’s completely understood that war is good for business.

When God, the Creator, or the entity that kick-started this insanity looked upon the state of things in the time of Noah and probably lost their heavenly lunch viewing the depravity of man – the eternal entity said screw this…we’re starting over.  Whether one believes in this or not is rather immaterial, for the thinking man/woman or other, innately knows that the current crop of nutjobs leading the “free world” are nothing more than the mad scientist, left to his or her own devices to experiment on themselves with chemical madness. The difference today being that these “mad scientists” aren’t experimenting on themselves – they’re experimenting with the lives and souls of innocents – whether they be here in the U.S., or in any nation outside their borders, where Washington affixes themselves, uninvited, of course, to lay a nation to waste however they think necessary.

How long the ordinary citizen in the U.S. continues to listen to their tripe, and by not doing a damn thing to resist their depravity, invites more death and destruction upon other nations, and upon their own countrymen will probably either suspend the end of this particular etherial experiment, or give way to an advanced and compassionate way of conducting affairs.

Most of the ordinary citizens in this country are asleep.  They have swallowed the corporate and government guano to the point where they haven’t a care that the food they eat is unfit and unable to provide sustained health. They’ve swallowed the latest uplink from the pharmaceutical jackasses who tell you to ask your doctor about their latest offering, forgetting about the last 10 seconds of the commercial where the side effects from their offerings could bring about death or a host of other ailments that will probably bring about a death-wish for those who ingest their garbage.

They’ve swallowed the notion that one must pay through their nose for health care in the richest country in the world, and if you can’t afford to take out loans, ask rich relatives (if you have any) or sell your soul or whatever is of market value on the street corner to afford their shitty offerings…too bad – you will suffer.

Forget that the God-provided plants, herbs, enzymes, and more that provides nourishment and healing that our Native American’s knew of in generations past, sadly, now mostly forgotten, can only be found with extensive research.  In other words, you won’t hear of any of these natural wonders from your local MD.

And probably most devastating is that we’ve swallowed this incessant f**ckery dumped on all of us in the richest country in the world, believing in Washington’s absolute shittery that innocents must die to keep the world going.


Tonight’s musical offering:

I may continue to post Christmas musical offerings until the season has passed – only because they impart to the soul what, this jag-off, Western writer believes to be our only connection to averting the demise of us all.

Somehow, we must disengage from the current insanity, and find our way back to nature, back to compassion, back to cooperation of all faiths, beliefs and thinking.

If so inclined, listen to the full musical offering here and think of you and your loved ones – your friends, family and all whom you’ve loved and will continue to love.  Extend this feeling to your brethren in lands far away – no matter their faith, their religion, their beliefs.

For in the end, all that each of us wants…is peace

“Once in Royal David’s City” – King’s College, Cambridge

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