Oh…Those Election-Meddling Kids!

If you’ve spent time on this merry-go-round from more than say, 40 years or so, you know that when it comes to the latest technology, and knowing of all the latest bells and whistles, grade school age children can highlight your ignorance of all things technological with a few keystrokes in mere seconds.

As Americans, particularly the jackasses in the media and government who experience night sweats even at mid-day about Russia hacking our elections systems back in 2016, now gearing up for an encore performance in the upcoming mid-term elections of candidates who, no matter whether they be elephants or donkeys, are, for the most part, bought and paid for by your friendly corporate surveillance entity from hell – a collective chill-pill should be taken after reading the following:

Hacker kids poke hole in MSM narrative that it’s Russians who are the US election threat – via RT.com

Ahead of the US midterms in November, the MSM has talked at length about a Russian hacking threat. Meanwhile, a competition in Las Vegas shows that when it comes to interfering with a US election, even a child can do it.

Hosted by technology non-profit R00tz Asylum, the competition was held on the sidelines of the annual Def Con hacking conference in Las Vegas, where children between the ages of 8 and 17 were tasked with hacking into replica election office websites in key “battleground” states where the upcoming US midterm elections in November are expected to be tight.

Of the 39 contestants who entered, 35 were successful in breaking into the sites with the fastest being 11-year old Audrey Jones. She cracked the site’s code in just 10 minutes.

Oh, those kids!

Since the MSM and dipshit politicians always love to crow on about the children, whenever it is convenient to their pocketbooks for them to care, shouldn’t the U.S. just leave all this election meddling nonsense and how to circumvent the looming catastrophes this coming November in the capable hands of 11 year olds?

We’ll let the kids speak for themselves:

But surely, you think, the adults in the room have taken care of this election meddling/hacking stuff by throwing a whopping $380 million to improve cyber-security in 2018 alone, right?

Evidently not.

It just goes to show that no matter how devious and clever the government and media would like us to believe Vladmir Putin to be, sweating away hour after hour in some dank and dungy Kremlin hideaway, downing bad borscht and vodka shots in hopes for inspiration of how to influence the outcome of another American election  – he can be made to be the laughing stalk of all election hackers by 11 year olds – not in Russia – but here in the good ole’ US of A!


Tonight’s musical offering:

Sergei Prokofiev: “Peter and the Wolf” ~ Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@robbie36

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