Far from Your Front Door

Like the complexities of ego that one can’t understand about themselves, let alone anyone else, getting a grip on the Donald’s egocentric meanderings is like understanding the complexities of a Bach fugue with just a casual glance at the manuscript.

Donald J. Trump


When you’re the guy with orange hair, one day you’re unable to chomp down your McDonald’s fries fast enough in order to send out a text admonishing nutjobs who seem to prefer war with Russia over peace, the next day you’re ready to blast Iran back into the stone age, just as you and your predecessor’s have done with Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen.

But it’s always tough to decide who to pick a fight with when you’re the leader of American exceptionalism that MAGA drones think is hip…especially when the countries who experience American exceptionalism are far from your front door.

It’s cool, though – for when you’re a ‘tough guy’, backed by nuclear weapons, conventional weapons, unconventional weapons, Washington agencies that groove to creating unrest around the globe, sowing the seeds of regime change for countries that won’t bend the knee to Washington hegemony – picking a fight with another country can be an exercise of fun ‘n frolic, especially when it’s not happening at your front door.

And as the media glue-heads continue to have a melt-down that peace might break out with Russia, the mind numbing sniffing substance they inhale stops and ends all coherent thought with Russia.

Get it on with Iran…cool.  Peace with Russia…forget that shyte.  After all, Russia denied the lunatic Clinton from ascending to the White House where pant suits, along with the most gruesome love of death would have been the rule of the day.

It all doesn’t matter anyway. The daily bummer here in America is that life continues to be a deal of “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

And as radio talk show nutjobs proclaim everything that the Donald does is A-OK (after all we’re the “good guys”) no matter the number of bombs dropped on sovereign nations during the past 17 years, no matter the lives ended abroad, no matter citizens lives ended here at home because of Washington’s love affair with death, and neglect of its own – Washington continues on with their hypocrisy…

Pompeo vows support to Iranian ‘people’s voice’ against ‘mafia’ leaders – via RT.com

While the US top diplomat fell just short of outright calling for an uprising against the Iranian government, which he likened to the “mafia,” he instead resorted to Washington’s favorite weasel words, promising that the US “will support the long-ignored voices of the Iranian people.”

Supporting the will of the people is what the US claimed to have done in Libya and Syria. The former is still lying in ruins years after the 2011 NATO-led military intervention, which saw the country plunge into political and economic chaos. The latter has been ravaged by infighting between Western-backed rebels, hardline extremists the likes of Al-Nusra and Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), and government troops for the past six years.

Ah yes…quite like the colonoscopy that your doctor swears you need that they would never do; quite like the pharmaceutical wonders they prescribe for you that they would never give to their family; and quite like the vaccines they say you need to jab your children with, while you probably won’t catch them or their loved ones anywhere around a needle of chemicals for “health” – the sovereign nations on Washington’s hit list continue to be in their crosshairs of sticking it to anyone or any nation who won’t follow Washington’s prescription for upheaval, destruction and death…at everyone’s front doorstep but theirs.

It’s as if some sick spell has been cast upon the many, thinking that when they step into the next life, that God will welcome them with open arms because they were part of the “good guys” club – ending innocents’ lives, laying to waste other nations, and creating ugly scenario’s where everyone else suffers but them.

It is rather easy to delude ourselves during our lives. We justify this, sanction that, subscribe to lunacy after lunacy, casually forgetting (accidentally, on purpose) that what we sow during this life, we will reap in some fashion or another in the next.

Some get away with continually giving the world a colonoscopy – they probably won’t be so lucky in explaining to God, the gods, the universe, mother earth or the committee of Teva-wearing aliens one will encounter when their final breath is taken, hoping to escape the inevitable…that the shyte they stuck everyone else with, won’t come back to haunt them with an unimaginable stench in the next life.


Tonight’s musical offering: (for no other reason than we find it nearly impossible not to be happy, or at least, smile when hearing the following tune – plus, screw this heat – bring on Winter!)

“Sleigh Ride” – Leroy Anderson

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@ethanchoover

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