Helping Each Other Along the Journey

It is no wonder that the sane, of both past and present generations take refuge away from much of everything their world’s offer, and seek instead quiet, silence and solitude in order to create and give to the world the beauty of all that is lacking.

Who can blame them, when in past ages the ordinary citizen had to deal with issues like no plumbing, shyte on the streets, with derelicts – or just the less fortunate left to deal with life and all its complexities on their own – quite like the San Francisco of today. The stench alone would have sent anyone with the slightest sense of smell and distaste for disease out into the hills, or, at the very least, to their gated communities where the poor, the mentally ill, the down and out are far outside one’s worldview. Today, one simply ignores what’s there before’s easier that way.

Present day is a distasteful mix of trolls, social media misfits and nutjobs, and of course the always-present media and government psychopath’s seemingly able to re-spawn without restrictions, who continue to seep out of the crevices of slime, with nothing better to do than make life a miserable catastrophe for anyone they come in contact with.

From the great authors, composers, thinkers, writers, healers, mystics, artists and others who have tried, and continue to strive to present beauty instead of ugliness, yet are mostly rejected with whatever attempt they make to bring harmony, beauty and some version of love to the world – it is a wonder that the life continues on, considering the modern era’s rejection of truth, justice and love.

The current day version of self-proclaimed saints, who protest anything and everything that is politically acceptable to protest, yet ignoring the most urgent modern day atrocities like the dying children in Yemen, bring awareness mostly to themselves and little to the causes that truly matter.

Government and mainstream media are so unhinged that they actually believe that they, and they alone are the representatives of truth and love of country.  The thinking and contemplative soul must be able to endure the stench of their daily horseshit in order to simply survive, wading through their nonsense, just to tread water and offer something beautiful.

Yet the choice of ‘something better’ is always there before us. Sadly, insouciant Americans seem to have little time for beauty, truth and a better way, and continue to accept the ugly, the banal, the lies and the mostly hideous that what they offer is all that there is to life. No wonder this country is on its last legs – no matter how great someone wants it to be.

Pharmaceutical companies that offer nothing more than poison to ‘heal’, a government that spends over $700 Billion to finance more wars; the continual promotion of bullshit from the media that supports wars, upheaval, mistrust and hatred among nations, states and individuals; with all that is not important promoted to keep all of us at odds with each other – is it insanity in which we live.

24/7 government surveillance; a police state unhinged; technologies that make us ill – there isn’t much the modern world offers that isn’t in direct contrast to the offerings of Bach, Beethoven, Van Gogh, Mozart, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Rembrandt, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, RFK, Twain, O’Connor, Chris Hedges, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and all other truth-tellers who seek to provide an avenue to the truth, that sadly, most seem unwillingly to acknowledge or follow.

Civilization has regressed and continues so. It is considered odd, strange and even criminal when one stands up for truth tellers, like Julian Assange; sadly, it is totally acceptable when one ignores the truth before them that their country has become a hell-hole of injustice and criminality; who completely accept the hellish absurdity that their government would never lie to them, seeking to destroy the Julian Assange’s who bring us the truth.

Don’t tell me of these things – just leave me to my incoming texts, my social media, the TV “programming” offered and the most shallow of lives that can be experienced. I don’t want to believe in anything more, because such a belief requires more from me than I am prepared to give – for I know nothing of myself – I am a foreigner in my own skin.

We are here to help each other through this journey. That is the simplest of truths. Yet…

The modern world, no matter when that modern world might have been, makes it too easy to forget beauty, truth, love and the reason why we’re all here.

The artists of each age call to each of us to consider something more…that being the simple yet beautiful calling to help each another and lighten, if even the tinyest bit, the sorrows so many lives endure.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mozart Symphony no 39 in E flat major (KV543) – Danmarks Radio Symfoniorkestret – Manfred Honeck (3rd movement)

Photo credit (front page):


    1. Thank you Sherril! So very happy you enjoy the music – which is my favorite part of posting a piece each day. And thank you for always stopping by!


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