Psychopath’s versus Human’s

Who knows exactly when humans lost their way.

Maybe after our first parents; maybe after lineage down the line who went astray; maybe after bad choices along the way by the fish, monkey’s, or whatever our ancestors were…just depends on one’s belief system where one might be able to cast doubt. But something definitely went astray somewhere.

“Somewhere” is the key.  No one seems to know for certain when chicanery from psychopath’s took over, with their slow yet steady march to vanquish the heart and soul of regular human beings. But it started…somewhere.

“History is written by the victors”…attribution unknown

Doubtful that the human race, regular human beings that is, not the psychopath’s who have been ruling and keeping nations at war, and everyday citizens at each others’ throats for a few hundred years, dreaming up one lovely bit of carnage after another as the psychopath’s have done to keep the circus of guano going – doubtful human beings have led the world to the point its at.

Human beings wouldn’t dream up of a state of existence where the less fortunate, the poverty-stricken, the uninsured, the downcast, the elderly, are discarded – where others son’s and daughter’s are summoned to fight and die in wars that have absolutely nothing to do with their way of life at home – such shyte-filled tidings are not what humans give to each other.

Human beings wouldn’t concoct money scheme’s, banking shenanigans, the poor bailing out the rich, a government that cares so little for its citizens that they brew up the most infantile stupidity (Russiagate, democrats vs republicans, rich vs the poor, race vs race and religion vs religion) designed to keep everyone afraid, mistrustful and suspicious of their neighbor’s every sneeze.

But psychopath’s do…and do happily.

Where psychopath’s originated…who knows. But they have overtaken almost all life.

Natural health and remedies for all that ails us as provided by mother earth, handed down from one generation to another, suppressed.  Peace, bastardized to such an extent that the psychopath’s would like us to believe that we must annihilate any nation of their choosing in order to preserve “our way of life.” Art and music degraded to its lowest common denominator that listening to it produces anxieties of which we didn’t think we were capable of experiencing. Human’s are losing the battle…for they continue buy into the psychopath’s pit of Hell.

I wasn’t there at the time of creation…but then again, we all were. We did not then, nor have we ever willingly bought into the lies, the propaganda, the sick hysteria of what the psychopath’s would like us to swallow.

Sadly, we have allowed ourselves to be seduced by the psychopath’s illness, their sicknesses, their depravities – we have bought into their jive, their ugliness and distaste, conning ourselves into believing that dwelling in the absolute horseshit they present day in and day out, is the way. It is not!

Psychopath’s are not human. Where they came from, I haven’t a guess. But until we humans start to opt out of their insanity – turn off the TV’s, chuck the smartphones into the gutter and disengage from their system of hideousness – there is little hope that we’ll outlast their evil.

The RFK’s, the Malclom X’s, the Martin Luther King’s, the Tolstoy’s, O’Connor’s, Twain’s, Baldwin’s, – the humans before us have warned us of the psychopath’s.

Sadly, we have paid these whistle blowers little heed.


Tonight’s musical offering: (headphones on and full volume for maximum sensory enjoyment)

Maurice Ravel, “Bolero” ~ London Symphony Orchestra, Conductor ~ Valery Gergiev

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