Doing Whatever We Damn Well Please

You know how it goes…it starts when you’re very young, with the natural disinclination to listen to anyone other than the little boy or girl or other being rattling around in your head. Your parents tell you things have to be a certain way and you shake your head in defiance and most often go about and do exactly what you damn well please, no matter how young you might be.

As you make your way toward becoming a teenager, you find out that doing what you damn well please has consequences that usually are, at the least, somewhat unpleasant, and so, your worldview changes ever so slightly from doing what you damn well please all of the time, moderating it to doing what you damn well please, most of the time.

Teenage and subsequent years come and you find that doing what you damn well please has social consequences of either isolating yourself to such an extent that your only friends are the flora and fauna or unclean bathrooms, and what with being the social creatures that most of us are, needing some human touch, some human interaction, although that can, and usually does, bring on a host of other problems, you moderate your worldview a bit further and conclude…I’ll only do what I damn well please a good portion of the time.


Then the mega-hammer of reality sets in when, after graduating from college, having found that the only way through it was to memorize what was thrown at you and regurgitate what you memorized back to those authoritarian figures who had the fate of your success after college in their hands – you quickly understand that doing what you damn well please probably only works 25% of the time.  That’s cool, you con yourself into believing…I can live with doing what I damn well please a quarter of my every waking minute…I’m good with that.

Finally, the humor of the gods fully kicks in when you step in line with the rest of society because of hormones, too much drinking or drug use, or stepping off the cliff of rationality into the joys of marriage, or just living together…no matter whether they be with the opposite sex or same sex – it doesn’t matter.

Within the first 3 to 6 months of any “permanent” love-fest, you find that doing what you damn well please even a scant quarter of the time doesn’t really cut it, and so, thinking that it’s because of the individual you selected for this permanent relationship is a faulty humanoid, you do another con job on yourself, telling yourself, there must be someone, somewhere who will let me do what I damn well please at least a quarter of the time, right?

The gods drink deeply from the barrel of laughter from our ignorance and selfishness. Why they started this carnival is anyone’s guess.

And after much experimentation, none of it that turned out “precisely” as we hoped it might, it seems we’re left with about 5% of our every waking moment to doing what we damn well please.

If one pays any attention to politics, the world stage, or even just your local troupe of nutty relatives, lovers, wives, husbands, friends – few have acquired the zen to really believe it’s okay for you believe what you want, and they’ll believe what they want, and we can let each other do what they damn well please and live in total harmony. It seems the world wasn’t set up that way.  God’s humor, the committee of dolphins laughter or the gods sense of being the perpetual jokster is forever in the way.

And so, when the likes of Maxine Waters, Trump, this celebrity, that radio talk show host, this idiot media talking head – you know, America’s assorted collection of nutjobs speak, saying that you shouldn’t listen to “those other people”, or that you should get in their face and challenge their beliefs, or not allow them in your restaurant, gas station restroom or dental office, and on and on and on with even more divisiveness – listening to any of them is one gigantic waste of time. Protesting or challenging another individual with some sort of in-their-face tirade, questioning the sanity of them and their lineage, typically only produces even deeper ditches folks bury their beliefs in.  Your level-headed, compassionate, far-thinking, golden rods of clear thoughts typically will never reach the little child in their head who keeps telling them they can do (or think) whatever they damn well please.

62 years have shown me that about the only way to affect change is, firstly, on the positive (and quiet) side, lead by example, and sadly, on the negative side, to hit them in the only place these current shyters who are running things understand…in their pocket books.

Quite buying their shyte, no matter how easy and convenient they may make it. Stop subscribing to their websites and buying their slop. Shop and do your business with local folks. Quite taking Big Pharma’s concoctions of manure, quit taking their vaccines, start homeschooling your children, spend time educating yourself of the bounties of nature and the cures that lie within. Stop believing in the two-party system that has brought us 17 years of uninterrupted wars. Start your own website or blog and promote healthy alternatives as you see them. And put the damn cell phone down for just 1 hour each day to start.  Bury it in the garden or in your freezer. Use that time to read a book, talk to your neighbor, see your aging parents or grandparents – disconnect from the modern world’s shyte before you’re permanently connected to it.

gabriel-matula-300398-unsplash-2Shouting is sometimes needed, especially when it’s wars and the death of innocents from Washington’s demonic activity they can’t seem to let go of that needs to be spit upon, protested and shouted down good and loud. Or, adhering to the old adage might help…”what if they gave a war and nobody came”.

Our participation in these psychopath’s dreams of complete control, dominance and excursions into what life is like in Hell for us, but not them, is all that keeps their house of cards going. We stop participating in their insanity – they eventually shrivel away to the crevices of Gehenna, left to let the demons in the pit tend to their ills.

Participation in their sicknesses has not produced change, only a steady stream of more poverty, illness, death and destruction for the common man and woman and nearly every other creature in between.

“Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.” ~  H. L. Mencken

And so it seems that many have become so damn intelligent that we’re becoming nothing more than machines, intelligent ones we think, arguing back and forth of the ideas, thoughts and shit-filled values of idiot politicians, leaders, media types and other morons that their psychosis is of more value than what each of us, in our gut, know to be true – the simple “golden” rule, to treat others as we treat ourselves.


Tonight’s musical offering:

 If only we could each live in the “kind of daydream” the beautiful voice of Nat King Cole sings of…where “the very thought of you”, no matter who that “you” might be, would lead us to always treat each other as we would treat ourselves, casting aside the battle each of us has within us, to do whatever we damn well please.

“The Very Thought of You” ~  (R. Noble), Capitol W-1084 (1958) ~ Nat King Cole with Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra. Recorded in May 1958 at Capitol Recording Studios, Hollywood, California.

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