The Use of One Word…No!

When your company has just spent $62.5 Billion for another company whom many consider to be the most evil company in the world – how do you disassociate your company from the demon company?

If you’re Bayer (with their $62.5 billion acquistion of Monsanto) you simply say that Monsanto will no longer exist (in name) and henceforth, Bayer and Monsanto will simply be called Bayer, thereby taking over Monsanto’s place as the most evil company in the world (a company who knew 35 years ago that its glyphosate-soaked ‘food’ causes cancer). Such a brilliant strategy to overcome “the most evil company in the world” stigma.

“This merger will create the world’s biggest and most powerful agribusiness corporation, which will try to force its genetically modified seeds and toxic pesticides into our food and countryside,” (Adrian) Bebb, a food and farming campaigner at Friends of the Earth Europe, told the Guardian on Monday. “The coming together of these two is a marriage made in hell—bad for farmers, bad for consumers and bad for our countryside.”

After Bayer’s $62.5 billion purchase of Monsanto is complete, the company will be named simply “Bayer.” – via

Corporations are full of dumb people running things – how else to explain your boss, your bosses’ boss, or their boss holding their positions. For the most part, it’s a ladder of stupid as one moves of up corporate totem pole.

isaiah-rustad-527168-unsplashBut you know how it is…you’re a multi-billion dollar company, acquiring another multi-billion dollar company, now approved by the Trump DOJ, and you’ve got a bit of PR problem. You bring in dumb minds to solve the problem. And so as not to bother C-level executives too much beyond the 15 minutes of real work they put in on any given day – they punt, and slide down the corporate bench hoping that dissociation of a company of evil can be accomplished with minimal brain effort before catered lunches and corporate flights of fancy on the company jet.

So what that Monsanto’s Roundup (glyphosate) is the most-used agricultural chemical of all time. So what that evidence is emerging that glyphosate—originally patented to clean pipes—is a human carcinogen. Bayer has to keep it “business as usual”, therefore the spraying’s will continue until the full monopoly is realized.

A leading FDA-registered food safety testing laboratory has found extremely high glyphosate levels in some of America’s most iconic food brands, including Cheerios, Annie’s, Kashi, Ritz, Oreo, and Lay’s. Importantly, even foods not made with GMO ingredients were found to have high glyphosate levels.

These findings are just a small sample of the evidence against large-scale industrial farming. Bayer and Monsanto want us to believe their joining together is in our best interest, but anyone who learns the facts can see that a merger between the two would only lead to more of the same practices at a time when people are hungry for change. – via

Life in America continues to dwindle towards choices of slightly insane and full bore insane.

Shop at Target or Walmart for sundry items. Apple or Google for evils of the technological kind; MSNBC or CNN for fictional tales; Republicans or Democrats for more wars, neglect of the average American and continued corporate fascism; Bayer or Monsanto to expedite your trip to the next world via pesticides – these are choices that Americans sign on without much more thought as the annoying text from a wailing BFF they just deleted.

How many Americans will wake from the stupor of the radiation-induced mindset enhanced by extended cell phone use (with a recent large-scale study linking cell phone radiation and brain cancer) and refuse the “choices” provided before offing themselves is unknown at this time.

There are feats that require steadfast dedication to the task at hand – say, painting a work of art, playing a Bach fugue, or finally writing that novel pinging between your ears.

But there are simple choices before each of us to avert evil that doesn’t require much.

Whether we continue down the path of self-annihilation presented by these corporate shysters that lead to roads of ruin is a simple choice of using one word…NO!


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