The Worst People on the Planet

Isn’t it cool just to be able to make shyte up and never have to answer for it? Like back when you were a youngster, you could easily get away with telling tales that made your play pals heads spin. No repercussions other than watching their eyes roll back into their heads from your whoppers.

Alas, most of us grow up, only to find that the childish games we might have played when we were slinging around the BS when we were children, doesn’t quite fare as well in the adult playground.

Unless…you just happen to be in the group of the worst people in the world, who never grew up and for whatever reasons – maybe deals made with the devil; knowing someone who knows someone who can make the unbelievably absurd happen; or the right kind of connections, either through mommy or daddy, with palms greased in whatever fashion needed to allow you to continue to make the world your personal sandlot…you get to continue to be allowed to make shyte up and proclaim the world must follow your insanity:

Apple: We’re Going to Pick the News Stories You

“Top stories are handpicked by the Apple News editorial team,” Susan Prescott said.

Apple’s Vice President of Product Marketing Susan Prescott made an alarming announcement that Apple would be selecting the top news stories that appear in Apple News during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday.

According to Prescott, Apple News’ editorial team will be selecting the top news stories of the day for millions of potential readers.

In today’s world…little psychopath’s turn into adult psychopath’s with few repercussions. In fact, the bigger psychopath you are, the more reward bucks in terms of choice gigs like vice president of product marketing fall into your lap.

And when you’re one of the richest corporations in the world, you need a lot of “little susie’s” to maintain control of the narrative of what the control freaks think the little people should read.

It’s bad enough that Apple essentially produces crappy products, clocking in at prices that will take a dent in your ability to go to Amazon’s grocery store (Whole Foods) and get further gouged with their GMO delights.  Now they’re getting into the business of dictating what they think your mind should absorb.

Control freaks, psychotic’s and bullies – evidently we haven’t had our fill of the worst people on the planet as we continue to swallow their insanity each and every day.

With the guy with orange hair declaring he has the ‘absolute right’ to pardon himself, to William Jefferson Clinton laying down choice guano that only he can lay regarding his past “trangressions”, to the bombs launched by Bush, Obama and Trump that have ended hundreds of thousands of innocents’ lives, to the lies of the mainstream media on the Skripal case, Russiagate, the Babchenko Hoax, Wikipedia corruption and so much more, the worst people on the planet continue to do their part to lay the planet to waste, with hardly a protest as chem-trailed zombies continue to buy in to their holier-than-thou wasteland of bullshittery.

With five conglomerates controlling most of the newspapers, magazines, books, radio and TV stations, movie studios, and much of the web news content of the United States, it’s easy to control the narrative. The few who are paying attention know where else to look for the truth…the rest of the sheep have little knowledge of the shit-fest that waits them once the blanket of 5G seeps into every crevice of their lives…both mentally and physically.

The worst people on the planet have no regard for truth, beauty, honesty – have no care whatsoever for the daily suffering of the poor, the downtrodden, the uninsured, the elderly, or the homeless they pay their crooked tongue of lip service to. Their gig is absolute control of your thoughts, your lifestyle, your beliefs – and it’s BONUS if you buy their shitty products.

It’s doubtful that the gods who created this circus intended for innocent souls to follow these demons into Gehenna. But so few protest. They continue to buy their garbage offerings, nodding in agreement with their choicest mind-numbing dung, and being good little obedient consumer’s, have bought into their lies without a passing thought that all that has been promised by these shysters, has never come to naught…and never will.


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