Deep Down Inside…You Know You Know

The dawn of thought or an “awakening” occurs (or doesn’t) at various stages during one’s life. It could be where having a certain set of beliefs one has carried with them through most of their life is challenged in one form or another to the point of extreme, where one had a particular way of thinking yesterday, and today…they find they haven’t a clue of much of anything.

What woke them from their dream state can be a variety of things. More often than not, it’s the stark understanding that all they’ve listened to, read, nodded their heads in agreement with no longer cuts it with the “reality” the world presents day in and day out.

Sometimes it’s hypocrisy, so finely displayed that the sheer brazenness of it all makes one’s head jolt a bit. Other times it’s an awakening that slaps your brain around enough to understand, in an instant, that the jive advanced that one way is better than the other, no matter that nothing has changed under the current jive, and if only things would change to the jive these talking idiots are advancing, then all will be right with the world and it will be M&M’s falling from the skies for all.

jj-ying-230105-unsplashLike coming to an understanding that the sky is actually blue, no matter the talking heads, guru’s, current boyfriends, Hollywood idiots or ex-lovers have performed some type of Jedi mind trick that made you believe it was something other than the color blue; you wake up and realize the sky really is blue and the shysters are all full of shyte – something your gut told you long ago but ignored because the shysters seemed so together, so with it, had money, the perfect job, the oh-so-wise take on everything…and if you didn’t believe their jive, just listen to them – they’ll tell you of their wisdom…according to them.

And so, when you hear talk of politics, something you think is above your pay grade, you tune out.  Because, you tell yourself, you’re just not brilliant enough to understand their horseshit. Nonsense! You can understand it…and it’s of the utmost of importance that you trust your gut and believe in your intellect, your heart and gut…because they’re counting on you not to.

The US is warning Syria’s Government that Syrian land, which is occupied by the US and by the anti-Government forces that the US protects in Syria, is no longer really Syria’s land. The US is saying that there will be direct war between Syria’s armed forces and America’s armed forces if Syria tries to restore its control over that land. Tacitly, America’s message in this to Moscow is: now is the time for you to quit defending Syria’s Government, because, if you don’t — if you come to Syria’s defense as Syria tries to kill those occupying forces (including the US troops and advisors who are occupying Syria) — then you (Russia) will be at war against the United States, even though the US is clearly the invader, and Russia (as Syria’s ally) is clearly the defender. – via

No matter the spin (lies) the government proffers, it’s still war they’re advocating. It’s still killing, murder, violence, death and destruction they continually advance because a sovereign nation won’t bend the knee and kiss Washington’s ass.

Deep within yourselves, you know you know…killing is killing, murder is murder, and the “make America great again” idea that might makes right just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Robert_F_Kennedy_crop“What has violence ever accomplished? What has it ever created? No martyr’s cause has ever been stilled by an assassin’s bullet. No wrongs have ever been righted by riots and civil disorders. A sniper is only a coward, not a hero, and an uncontrolled or uncontrollable mob is only the voice of madness—not the voice of the people.” —Robert F. Kennedy – Speech after the death of Martin Luther King Jr., 1968 (RFK was murdered 50 years ago – June 6th, 1968)

And if it’s not war Washington is advancing, it’s bullying…setting up a scenario for more war….

The US Treasury Department on Tuesday issued a statement directed at allied governments, and private companies operating out of allied countries, warning them against any trade with Iran, warning they “face substantial risks” if they are caught. – via

Trump, like Obama and Bush before him, continues on with insanity. It takes no kind of particular genius to understand evil when confronted with it. But it probably takes a person who has awoken and understands that they do indeed know, and must fight evil in whatever way they can.

Deep down inside…you are awake, and you know you know.


“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” –  Robert F. Kennedy


Tonight’s musical offering:

Sir Colin Davis ~ Edward Elgar ~ Enigma Variations ~ Variation IX (Adagio) “Nimrod”

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Photo credit (RFK): By derivative work: ЭLСОВВОLД talkImage:Robert F. Kennedy appearing before Platform Committee, August 19, 1964.jpg: Warren K. LefflerThis is a retouched picture, which means that it has been digitally altered from its original version. Modifications: Cropped and artifacts removed. Modifications made by Elcobbola. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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