The Bullying Nutjobs

It’s something any young graduate wants to hear during their graduation ceremonies – glad tidings; the future is bright; you’ve prepared well; opportunities are endless; and oh, by the way, prepare for the worst: war.

It was supposed to be a joyous occasion, marking the commencement of a new and better phase in the life of nearly 1000 graduates. Instead, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis told the 984 new lieutenants who are graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy to prepare for the worst: war. via

Old, warmongering farts telling young men and women that they just might be called to die because the same old, warmongering farts know of nothing else but sending others sons and daughters to die for whatever reasons their sick and diseased minds concoct are the commencement speeches from deranged generals in the richest country in the world.

The quartet of clowns: Mattis, Bolton, Trump, Pompeo are paving roads in America with the opportunity to make America great again by continuing with the war festivities of the past 17 years where hundreds of thousands have died, spending trillions to make it happen. Such activities are a god-send for Washington to put the poor, the elderly, the mentally ill, the homeless, the veterans here in America on a back burner. How else to turn a blind eye to their needs. $717 Billion military spending bill for the next fiscal YEAR – no problem – Washington has regime change purposes in mind.

And if those called upon to fight Washington’s boogiemen de jour happen to be your sons and daughters who make the ultimate sacrifice, well, that’s the price you have to pay for freedom from hostile nations who pose no threat to us. Yes, it’s Skittles falling from the skies for lucky graduates and our military sons and daughters. You might be fortunate enough to die for old farts’ wet dreams of more death and destruction.

And while these creeps tell others to prepare for the possibilities of dying young, these old bastards can’t see their way past the end of their lying lips to simply TALK to another country of the possibilities of peace.

(CD) — Citing what he calls the “tremendous anger” and “open hostility” in Pyongyang’s most recent public statement, President Donald Trump on Thursday cancelled the planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that was set to take place next month.

“You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used,” Trump wrote in a letter to Kim.

After the ghost of a soul, VP Mike Pence, said the White House may pursue the so-called “Libya model” of denuclearization on the Korean peninsula, what did Pyongyang go ahead and do in order to keep the peace process going?  They reportedly destroyed its primary nuclear test site in front of foreign journalists, a gesture of goodwill that shows the Trump administration’s continued threats remain the primary obstacle to genuine diplomatic progress.

Major mistake thinking Washington has any intention of continuing with any type of diplomatic progress towards peace with Washington’s continued military exercises with B-52’s flying over their skies. North Korea is forgetting countries gone before them (Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan) who drank Washington’s Kool-aid and gave in to their list of demands, only to find their country in shambles shortly thereafter.

16315394244_03432a5ede_z-4And a nice little touch of “provoking” North Korea to utter “tremendous anger” and “open hostility” of their country potentially being laid to waste comes from no other than the war hammering idiot, John Bolton, whom Trump appointed as National Security Adviser, in his quest to, evidently, make America great again…through wars, wars and more wars.

 As the world scrambles to make sense of U.S. President Donald Trump’s bizarre and potentially disastrous letter announcing the cancellation of his planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Thursday, lawmakers and anti-war advocates argued that the Trump White House’s repeated regime change threats and national security adviser John Bolton’s belligerent rhetoric are to blame for the summit’s collapse.

Bolton must have known his rhetoric would go over badly with Kim Jong-un. One needn’t be too cynical to ask whether his goal was to imperil the summit.” —Kevin Martin, Peace Action

“We can’t forget that many in Trump’s administration, including his national security adviser and secretary of state, are thirsty for war,” Win Without War said in a statement on Thursday. “The American public and Congress must prevent the Trump administration from using this self-inflicted setback to justify a catastrophic U.S. war of choice on the Korean peninsula.” via

But come on, Trump, et al, can’t abide another country calling out his VP for his ‘stupid and arrogant’ suggestion of pursuing the “Libya model”. Name calling simply cannot be tolerated – unless you’re the POTUS and can tweet out any inane or derogatory insult whenever it feels as good as the fast food junk he shoves into his pie hole. And suggesting your country will stand up to threats from Pence during his Fox News interview on Monday, in which he said nuclear talks with Pyongyang will “only end like the Libya model ended if Kim Jong-un doesn’t make a deal,” well, that’s intolerable.

So, just like ripping up the Iran deal – just back out of talks with North Korea and threaten them with your “massive and powerful” nuclear capabilities because of their “offensive language”.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph…Washington, the bully of the world, will not quit with their plans to annihilate any country who doesn’t bend the knee towards Washington’s insanity.

Trump, Bolton, Mattis, Haspel, Pompeo, and the ever so brilliant tart, Nikki Haley, must be deeply diseased souls. They give not a second thought to the lies they spread, to the hypocrisy they spew, nor to the countless hundreds of thousands of lives their actions might end.

They consider you stupid enough to forget their lies, even their most recent shenanigans, they count on being flushed down the memory hole, so that they can continue on with new and improved ways to create a firestorm of shit they want to unleash on any country of their choosing.

We in America don’t have to deal with our homes in shambles, the lives of loved ones forever gone, our cities destroyed, our lives ruined due to Washington’s love of war over peace. Washington is even back to its old gambit of fighting the never-ending war on terror by carrying out aircraft attacks on Syrian government forces simultaneously with ISIS attacks.  But not to worry, Washington believes that you’ll forget about it tomorrow (f you even heard about it), for your government will have a whole new bag of guano for you to be fearful of, to be scared of, to worry about, so that they can continue on with their charade of protecting you from the boogiemen they say you must be very, very afraid of…after all, they have the fires of Gehenna to let loose upon any country who doesn’t do as they say and they can’t have you remembering any of their ways of destruction. It’s only important that you, and the rest of the world remembers they can destroy lives and countries, however they see fit.

The rest of the world, at some point, will have enough of Washington’s demonic jive.

Hopefully, the rest of the world will just allow Washington to continue on its road toward irrelevance, and not do as Washington does, bomb sovereign nations into oblivion if they don’t adhere to dreamed up horseshit.

Something to consider: What country has over 800 military bases in other countries? What country has laid to waste Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, and by proxy, Yemen and doing their best to vanquish Syria, with Iran and North Korea now in their crosshairs? What country spends billions each year, that’s BILLIONS, feeding sick psychopath’s dreams of Washington hegemony?

It isn’t China, Russia, North Korea or Iran.

Yet Trump and crew are butt-hurt by North Korea’s “tremendous anger” and “open hostility”.

Who is threatening whom with their massive and powerful nuclear capabilities?

May God have mercy on us!


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