A Harmonious Safe Space

As much of the world continues to spin out of control in a non-harmonious sense (and about every other sense) with texting, tweeting, social media, TV, Hollywood and most other head-tilting or head-bending activities that can kill off brain cells en masse just by taking a peek, there are instances where simply listening can produce a harmonic balance to our minds, giving it a bit of a “time out” from the glories of modernity, if we can tune out a bit from it all.

Consider the latest modern day BS one needs to escape from while strolling down the aisle’s of present day nuttiness, from just this past week, that sends the thinking mind into spasms of incoherency, frantically looking for a harmonious safe space:

Hillary_Clinton_-_Caricature_(35182104576)Hillary Clinton would like to be CEO of Facebook

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told Attorney General Maura Healey (D-MA) that she would like to be CEO of Facebook, while receiving the Radcliffe Award at Harvard on Friday.

“If you could be a CEO of any company right now, what would you choose?” Healey asked.

“Facebook,” Clinton quickly answered.

The former secretary of state explained that Facebook “is the biggest news platform in the world.”

“Most people in our country get their news, true or not, from Facebook,” she said. “It really is critical to our democracy that people get accurate information on which to make decisions.” via NTKnetwork.com

One can only imagine (and probably should not) what the world of Facebook users would be allowed to view each day is Ms. Clinton were given the reins of this behemoth of censorship.  Probably only clips of her admonitions of how to live, think, eat, breathe, love, and of course fail – since that is something she has excelled at and knows of well. Imagine a platform where you could just make shyte up, her forte, whether true or not. No need to imagine – the mainstream media has that one firmly in hand.

But the blonde bomb, might want to wait a while on her dream as Facebook and Google have just been hit with $8.8 Billion in lawsuits as new privacy rules hit Europe. It’s cool, she knows how to lay low and let the steam pass, only to resurrect into a more deliciously deranged swamp creature when the mist clears.

But don’t think that this is just some pipe dream of a failed politician having a worldwide platform that only failed politicians can get.

Barack_Obama_-_Caricature_(7372423490)Netflix recently signed a production deal with Barack and Michelle Obama. – via businessindsider.com

LAS VEGAS — On Monday, Netflix announced that it had signed a multimillion deal with former president Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama, and on Wednesday, Obama spoke publicly about the deal for the first time.

Obama was speaking at a tech conference in Las Vegas hosted by identity security company Okta when he was asked about the deal.

Obama explained that the Netflix deal was going to be focused on telling people’s stories. He said he hopes these stories will help people see and better understand one another and ultimately help us move past the divisive political discourse that has mired Washington for so long.

Sure, why not!  TV zombies are likely to believe about any guano presented to their blood soaked eyes.

How a failed president can help us move past the divisive political discourse that has mired Washington for so long is a tall order, especially since this failed president gave the world so much – 8 years of wars, 26,000+ bombs dropped on sovereign countries in 2016 alone (not to worry, in 2017 Trump already surpassed Obama’s accomplishments of death via bombings) a failed healthcare program, and so much more guano – there’s just so many “stories” out there.

But one wonders, even if you’re one of the many failed presidents of the United States, how do you get such lucrative gigs where you too can bore Netflix viewers with yet more bad comedy shows, movies you’ve seen too many times and “original” shallow offerings that make one eye spin clockwise, the other counter-clockwise  – just how does one get such a gig?

It doesn’t hurt that your former U.S. national security adviser and ambassador to the United Nations during the your administration was recently appointed to Netflix’s board of directors. That probably helps.

Justice is afforded to the gods, it appears. But while on this plane of silliness, suffering and sophisticated insanity from those who hold power, there are ways to escape, if even for a few moments.

samantha-scholl-157445-unsplashWatching a bird perched on a fence, the singing of frogs, the wag of the backside of your lovable canine, the purr of your cat, reading a book from a great novelist, listening to grandparents tell of their days, open arms to a loved one who walks through the front door, engaging in actual conversations with friend and family, a visit to a cherished bookstore…all these and so many more will beat, even on a bad day, the self-absorbed fairy tales from failed politicians.

Musically, there are so many places to find a harmonious safe space. Each of you have your own favorites.

We provide just one of the many we enjoy – from the Baroque period:

G.F. Händel – Blacksmith variation ~  Albrecht Mayer- Oboe Guilhaume Santana- Bassoon Monica Raczynski- Harpsichord

Photo credit (front page):  http://www.unsplash.com/@oldskool2016

Photo credit: (caricatures): http://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@sauriel