Trump’s Plans for Bigger Problems…for Probably Everyone

There doesn’t appear to be a fight, whether it be real or threatened to be real in the future, that the guy with orange doesn’t like.

Weighing withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, President Donald Trump declared on Tuesday that if the Iranians “restart their nuclear program, they will have bigger problems than they’ve ever had before.”

“You can mark it down, if they restart their nuclear program, they will have bigger problems than they’ve ever had before,” Trump repeated. – via

Who knows if this means more “nice, new and smart” missiles will be part of a plan of bigger problems for Iran, or if it’s something even bigger – say, such as events that are already underway in the form of the US significantly boosting their offensive weapons in Europe.

While the world’s attention is riveted on Syria, the US is significantly boosting its forces in Europe. And these are not just divisions streaming in to take part in some exercises that will leave once those are over. This is a serious buildup to create a potentially offensive posture. The beefing up of the US forces is taking place amid preparations for a Russia-US summit. That’s a rather peculiar background for the event, to put it mildly! – via

Ah, but Trump has stated, on more one occasion, that our warriors in Syria will be coming home…soon, but….

US troops, who are about to start withdrawing according to the Trump administration, are setting up a new military base in the area between Tell Baydar and Tell Tamr in northern Syria. The military base includes an airstrip of about 1.5km and, according to reports, will be able to house about 1,200 troops. – via

Those men and women, serving in the military, sacrificing their lives and away from their families, evidently won’t be back in time to dine on rack of lamb and nectarine tart at the White House as the president of France will be enjoying this evening at the State dinner for the French leader.

31846340994_d1886a7f68_zOr maybe Trump’s mind-bending statement on Iran is part of a larger plan to boost the shares of Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and the other corporate boys’ toys, kind of like what was just done with the April 14th bombing in Syria, with a bit of foreknowledge of the US/UK strikes, and just like magic on Monday, April 16th, the media heralded the attack as a “success” and Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon and BAE stocks skyrocketed on Monday morning at the opening of major stock markets.

But missile launching on sovereign nations is tricky business. 103 missiles were launched at just three sites in Syria, according to the Pentagon (that’s over 30 missiles, each with 1.5 tons of TNT per missile per site, if one is keeping count), laying to waste alleged chemical weapons sites, where, after the destruction of these 3 sites, folks were roaming amidst the rubble, alive, with no protection from the chemicals that surely would have been unleashed with 30 or more Tomahawk missiles reigning down about it.

Why it’s all a Festivus miracle!

Meanwhile, in the dark, dank dungeons of the Kremlin, evil personified in the form of Vladimir Putin, along with the enclave of his assistant demons, are brewing a plan to cut Russia’s military budget and put $160 Billion into Healthcare, Education and Roads.  WTF!  Wasn’t that something the guy with the orange hair promised to do for the citizens of the US?

Yep – but Jesus, Mary and Joseph – there’s so much more to attend to than the daily needs of citizens of the United States.

Rack of lamb, nectarine tart, launching missiles on sovereign nations, occupying sovereign nations, destroying sovereign nations – these are the pressing issues for the POTUS, and not deviating from the line of insanity laid out by previous presidents, that being lying and scamming the American public, “freedom” must continue to reign.

Mercy, folks!  Even this jag-off writer can see a “Boris and Natasha” cartoon from far away.  Sadly, it appears most Americans, can’t….

Even more sad is that all this was been laid out, for all to see, way back in January, 2016, when the Donald realized he’d won one of life’s lotteries and became POTUS…with the help of the Russians, of course!

Breaking: Major KGB Announcement From Putin About Donald Trump, New US President!

And not worry, if the Donald doesn’t do his part to lay much of the world to waste, there are others waiting in the wings:

Scarier than Bolton? Think Nikki for President – via


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