Above the Battle

“…But we know, from the rest of his music, that Beethoven was a man who experienced all that we can experience, who suffered all that we can suffer. If, in the end, he seems to reach a state “above the battle” we also know that no man ever knew more bitterly what the battle is.”  – J.W.N. Sullivan ~ Beethoven – His Spiritual Development

Jetting from one drama to the next, life in the modern era is one boat-load of mostly inconsequential experiences, leading us to nowhere. Maybe it’s always been this way – I don’t know as I haven’t yet found that time machine – but a simple glance at the day’s headlines, no matter what “day” is might be, leads one to come upon an understanding that all roads of the modern era lead to sub-mediocrity…and most often times, worse.

What passes as modern inspiration from the government and media is more war. Our government sends fleets of ships to sea’s and ocean’s far way with their on-going scheme to protect us from the designated bogey-man of the day. Sadly, the result of their excursions toward peace most often lead to more innocent lives senselessly extinguished.

Lies, along with a healthy disdain for the truth are trumpeted each day by lesser souls from the circles of Hell. Our children aren’t taught or inspired toward anything more than what the lies from these lesser souls barf up each day – whether it be in our schools or from the government or mainstream media.  The march to unending ugly is ever present.

alexya-darkness-633247-unsplashFrom one staged event to the next for a nifty justification of more war, nearly everything we are subjected to is a big lie – so much so that we tune out the daily skirmishes we hear of, and are left with all that we’ve never known.  How to appreciate art, classical music, classic literature if one has never been given an introduction to it? How to value the sanctity of all life when your country is continually ending lives?

Understanding what the “battle” is takes thought, reflection and affinity to truth. If the “truth” presented to us is nothing more than guano, dressed up by blithering idiots as some new state of nirvana that only the idiots invent in their ugly lair, yet only produces more death, destruction, sadness and depression, it is nothing more than than BS that only blithering idiots can produce. Yet we still listen to them.

The government and media is aghast with the alleged chemical attack in Syria that is apparently nothing more than another staged play, yet nary a breath is given to the slaughter of innocent lives in Yemen. The ‘war on terror’ has only produced more terror, with 1.3 million lives lost (this, as of 2015). Yet there is little to no outrage of the death of these millions.

In terms of money, $250 million has been spent EACH DAY – with a total, as of 2017, of $1.46 Trillion spent since September 11, 2001 on the war on terror. And what do we have to show for it?  Could poverty, homelessness, care for our sick and aged worldwide been eliminated? For this amount of cash, probably so.

We allow corporations to dictate whatever is good for their profits – for our good, supposedly. No matter that it makes us sick, no matter that it produces continued death and suffering for innocents, no matter that its’ lies lead each one of us, individually, to the unending ugly.  No matter – we continue to put up with it. There is no change because we, collectively, don’t demand it.

And so, innocents continue to suffer, and the truth be damned. In fact, those who try to give us the truth are demonized by the shysters of the day.  And because of our non-existent efforts to demand the truth from the powers who shouldn’t be, the shysters and their ever rotting pile of filth becomes bigger. And the lives lost, the destruction of families, the depression of our lives and those of our loved ones multiplies. And we wonder why.

To see the battle from above is to understand that “the battle” is, first, with ourselves. The battle between good and evil, as played out before our eyes everyday, both from outside ourselves, and the battle each one of us wage each day – the battle with ourselves.

To overcome lies, injustice, the killing of innocents – to overcome the hatred that leads to war and the advancement of the death march toward the unending ugly, we must each first be “good”, however that choice presents itself to us each day.  From there, we might come to understand the battle before us, and hopefully, with courage, will act accordingly.

Beethoven_bust_statue_by_Hagen-cropBeethoven began to lose his hearing at age 28. By age 44, his hearing loss was complete, most likely caused by compression of the eighth cranial nerve associated with Paget’s disease of bone. Beethoven’s head became large, and he had a prominent forehead, a large jaw, and a protruding chin. Eventually, his hat and shoes did not fit because of bone enlargement.

Hearing was the sense Beethoven required more than any other. His love of music was a powerful force, preventing him from committing suicide. Much of his great music flowed from the mind of a man who never heard its beauty. He used an ear trumpet that he secured with a headband, leaving his hands free for conducting (and composing). – via www.nlbi.nlm.gov

We may never hear the beauty of the truth we must seek and stand for…still, like Beethoven (and many others), we must try – coming to an understanding of what the battle actually is all about.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven: Symphony No. 9 ~ 3rd Movement ~ Barenboim/West-Eastern Divan Orchestra

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@gk3

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@alexyadarkness

Photo credit (Beethoven): By W.J. Baker (held the expired copyright on the photograph) (Library of Congress[1]) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons