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The train to Hell has all sorts of gleaming, beaming arseholes, assuring one and all that their intentions are always benevolent and for the greater good of humankind, no matter how fucking insane their ideas are:

Were you distracted by a bumblebee?, "The Great Race" gifs!

The debt ceiling?  That’s all this toad could come up with?

The 25 most GIF-worthy moments from "Beetlejuice" - The Daily Dot

Oh dear…Chuckie has some explaining to do…

New York Becomes First State to Pass Legislation Banning Use of Natural Gas for Heating and Cooking – via

Although Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm mocked the millions of Americans concerned about the federal government’s plans to put restrictions on gas stoves, she admitted the Biden Regime wants to ban “some” gas stoves.

Now, New York State is banning the use of natural gas for heating and cooking in some new buildings.

According to The New York Times, “The provisions will require new buildings to be constructed with only electric hookups for appliances and utilities beginning in 2025. The law will go into effect for buildings with fewer than seven stories beginning in 2026. The requirements will kick in for taller buildings by 2029.”

But these New York political shysters are amateurs in the ‘banning’ arena.  They need to get up to speed.

Last week, Ireland made it a crime to possess “hateful” content – legislation was passed that is intended to control people’s thoughts and words.

The week before, nine teachers in Belgium were suspended and are being investigated by police for “hateful” messages shared in a private WhatsApp group.

In the UK, internet users may not be able to access Wikipedia due to the proposed Online Safety Bill.

And in the USA, the big tech/corporate media/federal government propaganda machine is attacking the Supreme Court for being conservative. Meanwhile, AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton, who is stepping down from Google, tells MIT Technology Review why he’s now scared of the technology he helped to usher in. –  (full article)

They’re after speech, thought, and they won’t stop there…

JP Morgan CEO wants to confiscate private property to force urgent investment in “green energy” – via

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who has been bought by the World Economic Forum, believes the US government should seize private property to combat climate change.

This is not an exaggeration.

In his annual letter to shareholders dated 4 April 2023, Dimon stated “governments, businesses and non-governmental organisations” may need to invoke “eminent domain” to get “adequate investments fast enough for grid, solar, wind and pipeline initiatives.”

“Eminent domain” is a legal term that describes the government using its power to expropriate private property for public use, provided the Government provides private owners proper compensation.

Well then, as long as it’s for green energy

Were you distracted by a bumblebee?, "The Great Race" gifs!


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  1. I don’t what the hell has crawled into the collective brain of the self-righteous politically correct crucifiers of free speech and even for Christsake free thought. As E.E. Cummings wrote: ‘pity this busy monster, manunkind’. I’m just glad I lived most of my life when you could say, think, drink, smoke anything you bloodywell liked, and damn the torpedoes. Now it’s just my cat and me in the woods with a rifle — praise the lord, Bella, and pass the ammunition.

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    1. Said so well…thanks, Mich. I too am ‘senior’, and do have thanks, at times, that I’m the age I am, and will be taking permanent leave from this shit hole sooner rather than later. Cheers!


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