20,000 (Defamation) Leagues Under the Sea – Helen of Destroy

20,000 (Defamation) Leagues Under the Sea

Fail-proofing your police state. Part 2 in a series


A well-designed social credit scoring system will always outperform a top-down police state in a nation that fancies itself a democracy because the target is made a willing participant in his own oppression. Conditioned to fear the unknown because the parasite class lacks the imagination to populate it, we become emotionally invested in their ideology for lack of anything else to look up to. And as the plausibility of the establishment narrative declines, the social costs of publicly doubting it increase exponentially. Dissenters risk not only being labeled criminals and deprived of their freedom, but being labeled insane and deprived of their agency. The Soviets diagnosed such dissenters as suffering with “sluggish schizophrenia” – such poor benighted souls whose unbalanced minds prevented them from recognizing the obvious superiority of Communism! Unlike marginalizing a group by charging its members with a crime, which gives the targets opportunity to argue their case, lob allegations of their own, and potentially seize a beachhead of popular support, defining that group as mentally ill neutralizes any attempt to argue. A criminal defendant who denies the charges against him is pleading not guilty and could be judged innocent; the inmate of a psychiatric ward who denies his diagnosis is said to lack insight into his condition and require a higher dosage of medication.

Schizophrenia - Neuropedia

“living with schizophrenia” or “stuck in airport waiting room with CNN”?

When holding the wrong beliefs is recast as a disease, dissidents are not merely dangerous – they’re sick, requiring isolation, even culling. In 2023, “vaccine hesitancy” – doubting the superiority and benevolence of the corporate-sponsored egregore known as “The Science” – finally received its own code in the International Classification of Diseases, making it a diagnosable illness recognized across the massive global medical bureaucracy. No less than the United Nations has waged war upon it, deploying not only the WHO (which took up arms against the concept years ago) but a clown-car of doxxers and trolls called Team Halo. While these were supposed to be doctors and scientists who’d traded in their white coats for black hats in selfless service to the Almighty Narrative, many are actually doctor impersonators – engaged in the sort of psychopathic behavior that was once considered a mental illness rather than civic virtue. But as with the medieval Inquisition it resembles, the ends are said to justify the means, and it is paramount that the heretic’s message be discredited before it reaches the ears of the faithful. The messenger must be riddled with bullets, literal or metaphorical, before he has a chance to deliver the message.

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