Take Me to Your Leader

In news that few really care about, and those who do might be better served in exile in Middle Earth, comes the tale of a dickhead par excellence, who is attempting before our very eyes to attain the lowest possible permanent residence in the Ninth Circle of Hell.

More than three in four Americans are concerned about the health and mental acuity of President Joe Biden to varying degrees, according to a poll.

The Yahoo/YouGov poll published Tuesday shows that a plurality of Americans (39 percent) are “Very” concerned about his “health and mental acuity.” Another 21 percent are “Somewhat” worried, and 17 percent are “Slightly” concerned. Moreover, these worries are held among 82 percent of the independents sampled in the poll. Only 23 percent of Americans have no concerns about Biden’s cognitive faculties or health.

The poll also asked respondents if they view the 46th president to be competent. A plurality of 49 percent of Americans believe he lacks competence versus just 35 percent who believe he is capable of successfully doing the job. – via breitbart.com

Poor Joey…holding on to every breath possible, determined to suck in as many ways as possible, destroy as many lives as possible, and continue to be the cringe-worthy, big fart arsehole that he is.

And in related news:

Alien Confused After Being Taken To Our Leader President Bidenbabylonbee.com

The aliens of planet Argonian V sent an emissary to contact earth, and he immediately said, “Take me to your leader.” But even his advanced intelligence couldn’t figure out what Biden was saying. Sad. Not good!




Tonight’s musical offerings:

“Meglio Stasera” known in English as “It Had Better Be Tonight” is a 1963 song with music by Henry Mancini, Italian lyrics by Franco Migliacci and English lyrics by Johnny Mercer. It was composed for the 1963 film The Pink Panther where it was performed by Fran Jeffries. – COHEN Dinnery / Drinkery


photo credit (biden):  DonkeyHotey, CC BY 2.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0>, via Wikimedia Commons

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