It Is Madness We follow

The tides roll in and the tides roll out.

And just as constant is the madness from demons, psychofuck’s and arseholes that we, the unwashed, listen to.

The cult of the cornholio rolls on, and if you are not among the poked…well, fuck you – eat shit and die!

If Covid vaccine refusers are turned away at hospitals and doctor offices, is that ethical? via

Dr. Jason Valentine, a family medicine physician at the Diagnostic and Medical Clinic Infirmary Health in Mobile, Alabama, informed his patients this month that, effective Oct. 1, he would no longer treat those who hadn’t been vaccinated against Covid-19. Around the same time, a leaked memo indicated that the North Texas Mass Critical Care Guideline Task Force was considering whether to take Covid vaccination status into account in deciding who gets ICU beds when more of them are needed than are available.

Can either of these actions be considered ethical? In short, it depends.

Oh, okay!

An Alabama doctor watched patients reject the coronavirus vaccine. Now he’s refusing to treat them – via

Folks…the last place you want to be is in one of these death hospitals, or beholden to doctors who refuse to treat the unpoked.

Remember, though you won’t hear it from any mainstream media outlet, God gave you an immune system – one that has warded off untold viruses throughout thousands of years.

Consuming non-GMO foods, filtering your water, supplementing with vitamins and minerals – doesn’t this strongly speak against the demons offerings that you and your loved ones’ health comes from a needle of chemical goo?
Yes, it does!
Or, fuck the natural provided by the gods – submit to the needle…for it’s worked out so well for so many…yeah?
Official U.S. Government Stats on COVID Vaccines: 13,627 Deaths; 2,826,646 Injuries; 1,429 Fetal Deaths in Pregnant Women – via
“When the whole world is running towards a cliff, he who is running in the opposite direction appears to have lost his mind.” ― C. S. Lewis
Tonight’s musical offering:

ANTONIO VIVALDI (1678-1741) Concerto for two violins, strings, and basso continuo in A minor RV522 –  Op. 3 No. 8 “L’estro Armonico”





  1. Like they did with my wife, get her in the door, put her on a gurney (broken), stuff her in a ‘mini’ room, and then (pretty much) forget about her.
    One hospital doctor saw to my wifes needs… one! And when my family doctor found out the condition she was in… oh hell no!!!!
    I got my wife out of the hospital after 6 days – while still alive, she was not much else. Very pale and sickly.
    She’s been home a few days now (with the family doctors direction) she is waaaaaaay much better.

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