Sunday baroque

Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable. – Leonard Bernstein


Bach: Concerto for 3 Pianos BWV 1063 III. Allegro (David Fray, J. Rouvier, E. Christien)

“These concertos have an exceptional impact, energy and ‘bounce’ that can be hard to capture on the modern piano,” says Fray. “The challenge is to take all the fat out of the sound – especially when you have several pianos playing together – and to capture that dancing Italian spirit with the help of lively articulation and an understanding of the polyphony.”

Photo credit: By Elias van Nijmegen (Digitized image, RKD) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


  1. Gorgeous selection, could listen all day! But I withhold the right to not look, I guess that’s my inner-snob coming out—how can I hear such exquisite beauty while viewing a grown man in a cathedral wearing a t-shirt?? I actually turned off a dumb-ass chick flick last night b/c it was their “Holy-wood fashion” I guess to wear t-shirts and jeans full of rips and holes. Gross. What’s the point of wealth, if not to encourage beauty, I seriously wonder?!

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