observations – the months of their scamdemic

This shitposting writer is 65 years old, with a small smorgasbord of physical ailments that present a challenging life. Others suffer much more deeply than I.

And with anyone who is 65 years old or older, or maybe even a bit younger, we have a few years under our belt and have seen a few things:

Humans, especially in this age of the cornholio, rarely stand up for goodness.

They’ll cast into Hell any who seek or attempt to speak the truth. They’ll give a pass for nearly anyone who is bat-shit crazy, deranged, spooked, mis-informed, willfully ignorant or just a piss-poor jive artist supporting the insanity we’re all facing.

They’ll excuse manipulation, lying, propaganda, and all forms of outright shitf**kery of not only their lives, but the lives of those whom they purport to love. 

They’ll go along with any insane government mandate or order, even if it’s to the detriment of their health, their well-being, and the health and well-being of their families.

Not rocking the boat is what they live by, somehow believing that continued acceptance of the ocean of shit we’re presented with each day from a media bought and paid for by corporate interests will advance the collective good.

Absolute insanity is spoken or adhered to by our brethren, and we quietly retreat, don’t say a goddamn word to counter their bullshit, thinking we’re doing the right thing at ‘keeping the peace’.

No matter that the insanity and evil shouted out from government and media dickheads will end our way of life; will continue to annihilate music, art, beauty, gatherings, visits to our aged loved ones in assisted living facilities; with muzzles of oxygen depravation forced upon our children, social distancing bullshit, banning of smiles of human touch, and other waves of nonsense from cement heads in government offices continuing to receive their bloated government wage, while the innocents lose their livelihoods from these demons edicts – we continue to give a pass to those, even in our own circle, who promote this shitf**kery.

As the tail-end of my life approaches I have observed, and know to my bones that ‘going along to get along’ is a recipe for disaster. It is what has brought us to our knees. 

And even if we perceive the beliefs of our brethren, coming from a benevolent, yet misguided thought that we must keep peace and love flowing within our families – the continued belief in lies, in propaganda, in an utter disdain for all that is true, all that is truth, all that is beauty and love – if we forego all that, and settle in to, listen to, and never challenge the insanity placed before us, how much time will be afforded to us before the insanity of these half-wits, overtakes us all, and we’re left adrift, in a sea of absolute despair.

And the reality of a government, and it’s rules and mandates that lay to waste it’s citizens lives’ – if such evil can’t be recognized for the evil that it is, can’t be acknowledged to exist, can’t be discussed, can’t be reported – as we go along to get along with the current demonic insanity – what will be left for us who ‘go along along to get along’?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Samuel Barber – “Agnus Dei “


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