The hope of the eternal – the months of their scamdemic

My 87-year-old Mum has been longing to be with sunny Jesus and the angels since I was a teenager. She’s told me so on countless occasions.

Sadly, God, Mother Earth or the Committee of dolphins who started this magnificence that has been turned into vaudeville by psychopath’s, cement heads, morons, arseholes and demented freaks, have not, as of today, honored her simple to request to release her from her from this godless pit of insanity.

Diving in, and then diving out of religion throughout my life, challenging the gods to explain whatever shitfuckery I can come up with from time to time – there is generally just silence, or the sounds of crickets with whatever plea, request, demand I might shout to the heavens. They are not interested, it seems, after wiping their hands clean from what has become of the stain of the universe….Earth, to give me any sort of ‘hearing’. Their permanent vacation from our self-inflicted insanity is, evidently,  something the gods applaud.

Why are Fauci, Redfield and the Presstitutes Deceiving Us About Masks? – via

Twitter, the Censor and Explainer Controller for the Deep State, removed a tweet from White House Covid adviser, Dr. Scott Atlas, who reported accurately that the masks people are wearing do not prevent the transmission of Covid-19.

As I have reported to you from the beginning, the only mask available to the public that provides protection against Covid is a N95 mask.  Even this mask does not provide 100% protection.  The masks people are wearing provide zero protection.  

Think about this for a minute.  It is an established fact that any mask less than a N95 offers ZERO protection from the transmission of Covid-19, yet Big Pharma shills Fauci and Redfield and NBC and CNN presstitutes contract the known fact and claim that ineffectual masks are effectual.

What is going on here? Obviously, Fauci, Redfield, and the presstitutes are playing the fear factor, but why?  Why deceive people into believing that masks that do not protect do protect? 

The only answer to this question that I can think of is that fear is needed for mass vaccination, and the fear has to be kept alive until Big Pharma has a vaccine approved.

In other words, the answer is money for the pharmaceutical companies.  Every company has to be in on the money.  According to reports there are four pharmaceutical companies, each with its own vaccine.  So fear is kept alive until all four vaccines are available.

Another reason for the false presstitute information about masks is to try to discredit Trump, thereby hurting his reelection chances, by presenting him as a person who gives advice dangerous to people’s heath and lives. The Democrats want the economy locked down so that the economic hardship is blamed on Trump and prevents his reelection.

We are told by presstitutes that Covid cases are exploding, but we are not told that this is the result of a test, declared faulty by its inventor, that produces false positives.  The rise in cases merely reflects the deficiencies of the test.

We are not told this, because the propaganda about the rise in cases adds to the fear and willingness to accept questionable vaccines.  

The “Covid pandemic” is about money, not a public health threat, unless, of course, they have a more potent Covid virus to release this winter. (read more)

If people can’t see their demise at the hands of these freaks, then they can’t. If they won’t acknowledge how they are being played – then they won’t.

We continue to shout to any who might care to listen that they are being fucked. They don’t care.

A vaccine of battery acid awaits- they don’t care.

Lives annihilated and destroyed by lockdowns…they don’t care.

They must obey their overlords.

Obey, consume, repeat – we are deep into believing their shit.

Mum may, or may not be right to hope for leaving this insanity. As it stands now, she is right.

I rather fancy that the absolute destruction of all that is love, all that is human, all that is our humanity, we’ve turned aside from caring about this – we no longer think, no longer seek truth, no longer give a shit, and have dived into the bullshit from the maniacs, so that we can, on some dark and dismal night, get a hard on, or moist from obeying debauchery and insanity, as we cry to the heavens, alone – far from our beloved.

But then I wonder, when we take in our last breath, and after that, meet the gods to maybe account for ourselves, will the excuse offered of all that we wouldn’t do, couldn’t do, thought we shouldn’t do, based on believing the demons of this world, and turning our backs on our brethren, if we offer up an excuse, ‘it was the cornholio’, will that work?

Woman is caught on camera HEADBUTTING a fellow shopper ‘who refused to wear a mask’ to enter shop in London – via

I love a lot of people, understand none of them…”
― Flannery O’Connor, The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Connor


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mahler – Symphony No. 5 – Adagietto – Myung-Whun Chung – NHK Symphony Orchestra

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  1. “I love a lot of people, understand none of them…”
    ― Flannery O’Connor, The Habit of Being: Letters of Flannery O’Connor

    My version is, “I know a lot of people, and I love and understand a tiny minority of them, but as far as the rest are concerned, I have no desire to understand nor love any of them!”

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