Their Forecasted Shyte That Never Happens – The Days of Their Scamdemic

In tonight’s episode of ‘how much bullshit will we take’, the shenanigans from sub-mediocrities are once again on grand display, as government dickheads and shysters continue to fail with whatever quagmire of steaming piles of horseshit they throw at the unwashed:

The Real Problem with Test and Trace in the UK: Contact Tracers Have Nothing to do Because There are So Few Cases – by Fraser Myers – Spiked, via

The UK’s ‘world-beating’ NHS Test and Trace has hit the rocks once more. Now the service plans to axe 6,000 of its contact tracers so the work can be assigned to local authorities.

It’s not surprising that the jobs have gone. For months, test-and-trace staff have complained that they are essentially being paid to sit around and watch Netflix, while making only a handful of calls. Boredom is kept at bay in some call centres by team leaders providing fun quizzes.

The Guardian reported this week that in one of the subsidiaries, 471 agents managed to make just 135 calls in two days. That’s just 0.4 calls per person per day – and that includes calls to incorrect numbers, calls which went to voicemail, and calls to people who had already been contacted in error. One tracer claims that on one occasion, the same individual was contacted 20 times. In some weeks, the service has contacted less than half of the contacts of people with a positive Covid test. Though the success rate has risen to around seven in 10 since, SAGE estimates that at least 80 per cent of contacts would need to self-isolate for the scheme to be effective. (read more)

The government psychopaths flex their muscles, eat their spinach, and promptly shit themselves with whatever lunacy they dream up each day.

My question tonight here at the Asylum, is where is ‘Bugs’ and his way to set things straight with scumbags, cement-heads and dopes?

We’ve had 6 months of listening to these arseholes and their dire warnings of shit that never happens. Yet, the real shit of what happens that are the by-product of these demons orders, edicts and mandates (that are NOT laws) has created a new insanity that we’re expected to accept, with our asses up in the air, waiting for more reaming up our asses from these shysters.

Jobs lost, lives ruined, businesses shuttered and their chicanery of brutal explosions of beauty, music, decency and love – these assholes could give a shit about it all.

Instead, they promote their masks of oxygen depravation and illness, their battery acid of vials of chemical fuckery for our ‘health’, their social distancing shitf**kery – their annihilation of all that is human.

Folks, these “people – these government demons” are not human. And the antidote to this stench is quite simple…all that it takes to give another hope and courage…is imparting your own courage, however simple it may be, to those a bit tepid who may not quite be sure that it’s okay to stand up and say, fuck off, with whatever anti-human dreams these demons have.

Your showing others that it is right and proper to be human – give others the chance to be human.

Tears for Fears – “Everybody Wants to Rule The World”


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