Friday Night Frights – More “Sotto Voce” Lamentations

Just like your lovable doggie(s) canvass their domains for the proper area to deposit their poop, so too, cement-heads, jackals, morons, dopes and top-of-the line psychopath’s scurry about, in search of fresh terra firma to drop their bodily excretions.

Sadly, with the dawn of this miracle of a planet created by God, Mother Earth, or a committee of dolphins, the soulless ones we allow to rule over us, have marked the earth with so much of their shit, that no piece of dirt, sand or body of water has been left untouched by their balm of insanity and stench.

You’ve heard, right?  There is the mighty cornholio that have turned the unwashed into blithering puppets, spouting off whatever latest dumb-shit verbal word salad they just heard from the latest corporate media smorgasbord of nonsense. They research no further of the bullshit they hear. They lay their heads on their pillows each night, comforted with snoring with, and doing the deep inhale of feathers of guano.

Clutching of pearls – smiles and breathing have been extinguished by masks of oxygen depravation. Humans dance around other human entities, exchanges of commerce are conducted behind plexiglass, wedding and funerals canceled, children tormented – their innocence and childhood dreams turned into nightmares that only deranged adults could concoct – and the insanity escalates with the dawn of each new day.

But the cornholio is mighty and mysterious – this is what the lolcows are told each day by government and media shysters.  And they’re also told that these same dwellers of Gehenna care so very much for ‘the people’.  And how do these dipshits show they care?

Cast your eyes, boys and girls, upon their depth of care and concern of us all:

In the middle of a ‘pandemic’, of a deadly virus that has prompted government dickheads to shut down nearly all avenues of beauty that keep us all occupied enough to forget that this life is basic shit, these shitheads show their concern for the pandemic of all time, by doing this:

Senate leaves until September without coronavirus relief deal – via

The Senate left Washington, D.C., on Thursday until September — the latest sign that a deal on a fifth coronavirus relief package is, at least, weeks away.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) had kept the chamber in session this week, which was technically the first in its August recess, as a last-ditch attempt to create space for the administration and congressional Democrats to get an agreement.

But with talks stalemated, senators argue there is little reason for them to keep holding daily, roughly 1 1/2-hour sessions. The House already left town and isn’t expected to return until Sept. 14. 

Such concern, such caring. Yep…a pandemic.

“Men will always be mad, and those who think they can cure them are the maddest of all.”― Voltaire


Elgar: Pomp and Circumstance / Rattle · Berliner Philharmoniker

(WTF is this from this shitposting writer? Godammit – ban this shyte! We can’t allow people to get a glimpse of what life and beauty was like before these shysters scamdemic.)

Photo by Keagan Henman on Unsplash


  1. “Let them eat cake!” Congress has spoken!

    I hope these lowlife assholes remember what happened to the bitch that took this approach to the people of France, some two and a half centuries ago.

    If these sold-out puppets and their owners want an uprising, all they have to do is keep this up. Because, as you know, when the real effects of this economic collapse are felt, by the people, and no one is working, or paying bills, or eating, then there will be hell to pay, even the most sheep like will have finally had enough!

    Local news headline today: “The future of live music, in the new normal?” There is no hell after this existence, this is hell!

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