Diminishing Freedoms – ‘The Days of Our Virus” – Blue Eyes

Remember when pain wasn’t delivered on our front doorsteps every day in the form of excrement, excreting from the mouths of  media and government dickheads?  Neither do we.

The house of pain that everyone is experiencing (unless you were lucky enough to be in one of the States that didn’t impose house arrest on its citizens because of a virus) was done almost overnight.

Mayors, governors and other elected arse-holes put the boot down on the throats of the unwashed in instant oatmeal fashion.

Yet now, ‘phases’ to loosen the rope around our necks have to be implemented before the innocents can one again enjoy a life of diminished freedom – one that involves lives with a mask, and without a handshake, a hug, a kiss, a glance at someone six feet away or a thought not approved by these f**ktards.

The White House unveiled 3-phase guidelines on Thursday afternoon for governors to reopen their states. – viatheepochtimes.com

The moral of the story so far from these psychopath’s is: never have hope. Waves of the cornholio will re-surface whenever the dickheads call upon it, probably at seasonal intervals.  Autumn cornholio, Winter cornholio, Christmas cornholio – get your asses back into your homes and quarantine your lives until the magic poke in the arm of puss and chemicals is offered by Big Pharma, and then mandated, paving the way for immunity certificates to be issued that tell the ignorants spread across the lands that you are ‘okay’, and can go about enjoying diminished freedom, along with a toxic cocktail of shyte streaming through your body. Nice!

But as the boot on our necks is ever so slightly lessened, real horrors in real time of what these demons have imposed upon many is there for all to see:

At least 10,000 cars line up in an orderly fashion in San Antonio, all full of hungry, increasingly desperate people. Thousands already arrived the night before just to get a chance to eat. “We just can’t feed this many,”said the CEO of the local food bank that Texans have descended upon.

It is a scene playing out across the country;1,300 cars swamped the drive-thru Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. The United Center, home to the Chicago Bulls and Blackhawks, has beentransformed into a huge food warehouse, as COVID-19 has driven a wedge through the cracks in American society, where tens of millions of people now face unemployment and hunger.

Some have claimed that the food lines are a glimpse into what a future American socialist state would look like. However, this is not a hypothetical society but a very real present. It is Breadline 2020, today’s America. Existing food banks are struggling to cope; one worker of a food bank in Baton Rouge, LA, claimed that the current situation is worse than after Hurricane Katrina. – via mintpressnews.com

The only gripe this shitposting writer has with the above is that it is NOT the COVID-19 that has driven a wedge through the cracks in American society…it is the governments response to it that has provided new delights of suffering f**kery among the innocents.

The new “normal” is here, where we’re subjected to the strange and bewildering personal hygiene habits of those who haven’t lived with us previously, but now, because they are unemployed are now living with us, and we get to observe first-hand, their  daily bites, licks, moans, sighs and extended bathroom trips…if we’re lucky.

Those who have had their lives decimated by the shitf**kery orders of government dickheads, have no such luxury. They are lining up at food banks, for a bit of sustenance that just might provide them with enough energy to queue up again tomorrow for a bit more sustenance.

The agony of all of us, in whatever manner, continues to be dumped upon us all.

And all the sleeping masses are hoping for, is a poke in the arm of chemical f**kery, that will allow us to experience the new normal, a new abnormal, dictated to us all by demons and psychopath’s from any of the circles of Hell.

…and Jesus wept

Dr. Ron Paul Interview:  Bill Gates & Tony Fauci Are Determined To Run The World by Vaccines – via activistpost.com


Tonight’s musical offering:

Blue Eyes – Leonid Vorobyev (Elton John cover)

Photo by Kristina Bratko on Unsplash


  1. notice also how the ”rules” don’t apply to them! just to the citizen slaves. every press conference shows no one wearing masks and gloves, no Orwellian social distancing for them! just for the ruled slaves. same with every business. those taped lines, 6 foot mandate. even counting people as they come in the store because only a few are allowed now…that doesn’t apply to the business and its employees…only to the consumer.! the mayor of new York went to the gym for a workout. no lock down for those people locking us down. his wife went to the hair dressers!

    the banks that won’t let people in to their business are saying their customers are a disease vector and they and their employees are not…same with the grocery stores, the walmart…everywhere you go….they look at you as the disease people…not themselves….that truly is a mind control operation at work!

    keep taking it people. the mind virus. A virus is a poison and this one is a poison for the mind, the heart and the soul! it worked…it killed off the whole human race. people stopped living! they are already dead..the propaganda mind virus didn’t do it. people did to themselves and allowed their ruling class, their leaders to do it to them! willing sacrifices. Gave up their lives and livelihood in order to swallow the lie the media, corporations and goons with guns sold to them.

    notice how the rules don’t apply to the cops? the military marching across the country right now?..no! it just applies to those outside their system. all the rest of us! people that are unemployed did it willingly. they helped destroy the companies they worked for. terrified of a bug. of a ”might” of a ”maybe”. The business owners for those small businesses cut their own throat willingly. They obeyed an order from people who have worm holes in the brain…the true disease is POWER! Those small businesses closed their doors without a fight.

    There is a definition in my old dictionary that says a virus is a poison of the mind and soul! it is indeed and we are witnessing it.

    The Amish have the right of it. They are not afraid of viruses, germs, or sickness…They believe if it is their God’s will they die then they accept it. They do not live in fear. They do not hide like cowards. They do not stop living their life because they are ordered to!

    one last rant…notice how the parasites in the police FORCE do whatever they like. What are they even doing on a beach to arrest someone jogging. They have not right and no authority. Yet they are not locked down in their homes.. oh no! They are essential. We are obsolete! The government operatives do as they please while they keep us in an open air prison. The more people accept, the more they will do to us! Quit accepting it! Say no ! GROW A SPINE PEOPLE.

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    1. Protests that beg their master to release from prison. beg to be released. beg to have their jobs returned. what they should be doing is reclaim it. reopen their own businesses and defend it. not beg to be allowed to do so. slaves beg.
      these people are proving what they are. the slave and the master. i would be impressed if they restarted their own business. if they defended their rights to do so and defended their employers. they don’t do that though and won’t no. they wait for ”permission”.

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