The Vacant Gaze – ‘The Days of Our Virus’

Waiting for some fairy-tale ending to the current f**kery of us all, where political morons proclaim from their thrones, vomiting their bile upon the masses – where they might decree, at some point, in the future, to partially re-open our lives to that which they had no legitimate authority to shut down in the first place; the innocents and ignorants salivate like a dog with a treat in front of their superior olfactory senses, for “permission” from the demons to live the life of freedom that God imparted to us all.

I have, as of yet, seen an opening of the wallets, or front doors of the homes of the self-righteous who scream at everyone to stay home and save lives, while their brethren rot away from the orders that have stopped their lives, full stop.

These do-gooders, these slaves in their comfortable towers of civilian surveillance, who obey whatever insanity the government shitlords decree upon those who are no longer are able to work, no longer able to provide for their families and loved ones, who are unable to pay their rent, and even unable to put food on the table, they shame those less fortunate, shitting themselves if others don’t succumb to the absolute shitfuckery these demons create each day.

The ignorants step outside their doorstep at 8:00 pm each night and howl like hyenas for 2 minutes. This is considered the right and proper way to express ‘whatever’ pent up lunacy they may be experiencing from being told to obey, obey and obey.

Businesses shuttered, jobs lost, lives in turmoil and ruined. Stay home, save lives.

The sheeple insert their head up their arse and shame anyone who doesn’t share the space of stench in the caverns of their excrement.

What kind of fucking lunacy has invaded the collective psyche?

Take a couple of moments and read of the following sent to President Trump from AE Global Solutions.

May 1st folks, May 1st – just a couple of weeks away….Or dismiss it all, your choice…

But don’t believe this corporations’ jive. Rather, ignore it and breathe deeply of the following:

Lockdown in Third Word Result in Starvation, Police Assauts –

Second Wave of Coronavirus Layoffs Calming Workers Who Thought They Were

Protesting is Non-Essential – Police Make Tyrannical Claim as Citizens Demand Economy Reopen –

Sweet mother of Jesus…what is happening? We are WILLINGLY allowing the absolute filth of our times…to end the time of each of us, before our time.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mozart: Serenade No 10 for Winds ‘Gran Partita’, III. Adagio | LSO Wind Ensemble

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash


  1. Relax, death is the approaching answer. This is OUR Jim Jones moment! Now just drink that cool aid and say good bye to Western Civilization which was geographically correct but totally lack the civilized part completely.

    Joy ………….

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  2. As you know already, there are many Americans, in particular, who live and strive to remain under the despotic boot of this capitalist-pig, nanny-police state, especially on the left. These willing sheep to the slaughter will never listen to reason, since reason will always upset their warped little, alternate universes, which they must exist in or die. These folks could give a shit less about what happens to “the deplorables”, the rest of us, as long as they get what they want, when they want it.

    Not only are we up against this red-white-and-blue, 240-plus year old crime against humanity, we also have to contend with these short-sided, infantile nincompoops!

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  3. Here’s an example of what I was referring to in my last comment:

    You will find very few leaning to the political right who will willingly go along with this, for all intents and purposes, “Mark of the Beast”. While on the mommy’s-little-boy and daddy’s-little-princess, left-hand side of this political cesspool, they will be cheering Big Brother on: “Thank you, Big Brother, may we have another?!”

    Gates and the medical-industrial horde will never stick me with anymore of their toxic and useless vaccines. And if I can’t buy and sell, because I haven’t received ‘the mark’, I haven’t been jabbed with their poison needles, then I will simply die, and gladly. Death is, every day, becoming more and more attractive. Anything to get away from this country, most of its people, the government and this planet; which Aldous Huxley once rightly suggested was another planet’s hell!

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