Nodding Off

When one gets to chat over the phone with their 86 year old Mum, every day, for an hour or more, you are given the opportunity to practice patience and fine tune your listening skills.

Chances are that you’ve heard whatever story is being related to you, at least 50 or more times during the years, but there’s always a certain swish of embellishment to that same story that kind of keeps your interest enough from completely nodding off.

But whereas Mum’s stories are generally of an innocent nature, re-telling events that you’re well aware the outcome of, the stories shoved down Americans throats by corporate and government lizards are so bizarre, so wickedly nasty that one would think Americans en masse would be out on the streets, demanding transport to another solar system.

Sadly, most Americans have nodded off permanently, and no matter what new horrendous shyte the lizards come up with, most Americans give the bland stare ahead, with one eye spinning clockwise and the other spinning counter clockwise, dutifully obeying whatever orders sent along by the lizards.

Say you dislike lima beans.  Say you haven’t even tried lima beans. Say the local batshit crazy bureaucrat tells you that must eat lima beans if you want to be able to purchase non-lima bean items, also known as food. And say, the same government pond scum tell you that they’ve injected really cool chemical shyte into the lima beans, fortifying them with f**kery produced by corporate a-holes that will ward off illness and disease that if you’d just be allowed to eat non-lima bean items, you’d be sane and quite healthy

Apply this scenario to your health, and contemplate if they can force your child to take a poke of chemical f**kery if you want to obtain an education for your children that your tax dollars pay for, or even if you want to see a doctor for whatever reason for your child’s health…well, that’s just not going to happen.

California SB 276 & SB 714 Signed Into Law by Gov. Newsom

CHD (Children’s Health Defense) Chairman, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., delivers an electrifying speech to advocates at a press conference about the passing into law of (California) SB276 & SB714—and asks, “Where are the legal and rational boundaries now that the government can force a medical procedure on children?” – via (video of RFK, Jr.s speech embedded here) 

And more f**kery:

California is Denying Healthcare to Children – via

New audio of doctors’ offices shows they are not only refusing to grant medical exemptions, but also denying healthcare to vaccine-injured children, which is the opposite of what Senator Pan promised. (video embedded in the article)

But if the poke of chemical f**kery is so good for you, your child, your grandchildren, then how can the following happen?

September Government Report Shows $206 Million Paid so far in 2019 for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths – via

The federal government Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services just concluded their third meeting of 2019 on September 6th.

These quarterly meetings include a report from the Department of Justice (DOJ) on cases settled for vaccine injuries and deaths as mandated by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). The September 2019 report can be found here.

The NVICP was started as a result of a law passed in 1986 that gave pharmaceutical companies legal immunity from being sued due to injuries and deaths resulting from vaccines.

So far in 2019 the NVICP has paid out $206,295,187.00 in damages due to vaccine injuries and deaths. (Source.)

This is public information, but it is not covered in the corporate “mainstream” media. As far as we know, Health Impact News is the only media source that publishes these DOJ reports on vaccine injuries and deaths each quarter. Past reports can be found here.

Nodding off, not giving a flying f**k, so apathetic and unconcerned with the most important issues we face from non-humans and psychopath’s will bring about an experience that maybe only the homeless, the very ill or those whose lives have been ripped to shreds by other Washington gifts in the forms of bombs know of…what Hell on earth is truly all about.

If a government can force a medical procedure on children, how much longer do you think you have before you are called to be forced to ingest their poisons du jour, and if you don’t comply, only the demons know what awaits you.

Not long.

And if we’re waiting for angels or other-worldly entities to come save our apathetic asses from the present day psychopaths, the slaughters of innocents throughout history attest that rescue outside of what we can do for ourselves and all life, probably won’t happen.

“The masses never revolt of their own accord, and they never revolt merely because they are oppressed. Indeed, so long as they are not permitted to have standards of comparison, they never even become aware that they are oppressed.”― George Orwell, 1984


Tonight’s musical offering:

Bach: Cantata BWV 78 – Wir eilen (Duett) – Netherlands Bach Society

Photo by Zohre Nemati on Unsplash



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