It’s the Water, Baby!

Just like the car accident that hardly a soul can keep from straining their neck to turn their bowling ball head to catch of glimpse of just what wrong, and if there’s any gruesomeness to witness, most people are just as Uninterested in the gruesome toxicity littered in the air they breath, the food they eat and the water they drink.

Ah, life among the brain-dead.

But not to be too worried, for corporate and government shysters always have an answer to a better life for the un-dead, and it’s usually in the form of more toxicity.

There’s this nasty little carcinogenic chemical called chromium-6a lovely chemical that state scientists in California and elsewhere say causes cancer when ingested at even extraordinarily low levels – via

And just where would you find this little gem of nastiness, why, in our water supplies, of course. (There’s an interactive map that will show you just how f-ed up your local water might be – via

The dickheads never cease with their poisoning of life.  It’s what they get boned about each morning after a night spent dreaming of groom of the stool duties they’ll be taking on in their next life in the comfy confines in one of the circles of Hell.

But surely, you’re probably wondering, won’t you might be able to scoot by the chromium-6 carcinogenic, with your immune system cranked to the max living on other toxic offerings in the form of genetically modified everything and chemical f**kery in the form of pharmaceutical poisons and chemical goo injected into your arm? As Beelzebub might say, “I hope you’re counting on it.”

The latest JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association – Pediatrics Division) study admits that fluoride causes brain damage (  And where will you find this bag of fluoride dung, well of course, you guessed it, in the water supply.

Sadly, one living in this modern mess of toxicity must do all they can to ward off the offerings from what those non-humans among us, steeped in f**kology, provide innocents.

And as per usual, there are alternatives that good and decent souls provide to purify what the soldiers from Hell create.

Water filtration systems, such as Big Berkey or Zero Water can do wonders.

Research for yourself, but I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with what these filtration systems can do for you and your loved ones.

And if you might be so inclined to take a step further, and due your due diligence not just of the water you drink, but also of the air you breathe, consider why every home should have a Himalayan salt lamp –

Yes, this is what it has come to…dodging the land mines of f**kery that the demons brew up daily.

Until God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins finally decide that enough is enough and end this madness, we must do what we can to circumvent the absolute f**kery heaped upon us by non-humans and psychopath’s.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Water Music Suite No. 3 in G Major, HWV 350: Rigaudon · George Frideric Handel · Academy of St. Martin in the Fields · Nicol Matt · Nevil Marriner


  1. With all the attacks on our life it´s a miracle that we´re not all dead! Maybe the reason is that it´s too difficult to kill the soul, that which is driving us forward toward whatever goals or dreams we still have.
    The servants of evil really must be crying in despair that they haven´t found a solution to killing the soul thou they are really trying as best they can.
    Life itself ingrained in us and in everything that makes our life worthwhile, that which cannot be touched by outside forces unless we decide to let it in.
    I´m very grateful for the guardians of Life, one of which is Decker who greatly inspires me to expand my thinking towards what is worth fighting for.

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