When We Won’t Say ‘No’

“There must have been a moment, at the beginning, where we could have said — no. But somehow we missed it.”― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

This is the beginning of it all.

This is how infidelity starts – missing the opportunity to say no.

The opportunity to say no always presents itself.

This is how apathy starts, missing the opportunity to care.

This is how ignorance starts, missing the opportunity to educate and enlighten one’s self.

This is how many sicknesses and illnesses start – the opportunity to say no to unhealthy habits – the opportunity to say no to chemicals – the opportunity to do no harm…to ourselves.

But now, the evil is so far advanced, so entrenched in nearly all governments in the corporate media, in many corporations, and sadly, an apathy in most humans from the evil we face from the psychopath’s running the circus, that evil is being sewn into each of us, whether we care to acknowledge it or not.

“Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart — and through all human hearts. This line shifts. Inside us, it oscillates with the years. And even within hearts overwhelmed by evil, one small bridgehead of good is retained. And even in the best of all hearts, there remains … an un-uprooted small corner of evil.” ― Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918–1956

We are being run into the ground with evil. Our hearts are heavy, our souls exhausted and our minds reeling from confusion, from ambiguity, from choosing stupidity, from willful ignorance..from the evil we’ve allowed to manifest inside ourselves.

Deep in our minds and hearts, we know we’re being sold a game of evil, but we never say ‘no’ to it.

We keep using their email platforms, keep using their search engines – no matter that they are monitoring and recording our every word, our every phrase, our every private thought we type.

We keep buying our necessities from these corporate shysters, keep buying and consuming their chemical chicanery…never paying attention to the good in us retained, and succumbing more and more to that small ‘un-uprooted small corner of evil’ in each of us to the point where we don’t think twice about hurricanes that are stationary, then move at 1 mph, then scoot up a coast, ruining and, in many instances, ending who knows how many lives.  No matter that all one has to do is to research the U.S. patent office and take a gander at the patents given regarding geo-engineering of the weather dating back to 1932 . We don’t pay a scant second to what our hearts are telling us that this is some choice f**kery, and move on to more pressing things, like the latest text, or the next football game or the latest piece of absolute ugliness of the modern era, marketed as shyte we can’t live without and must emulate.

We just can’t say ‘no’.

We are sick, we are tired, run down…we suffer from depression, from hopelessness…and yet seek help from the very shysters who present ‘ways’ to overcome the shyte they produce by buying more of their shyte, with all its sickening side effects.

We just can’t say ‘no’.

We elect dickhead after dickhead, both to local, state and national offices, thinking that the guy/gal or otherwise who promises to end the insanity from the previous dickheads who isn’t of the party that we have wet dreams about, holds the key to our escape from the modern era of pain and agony.

How long, how many years of the endless wars, regime change destructive activities and the general f**kery from each political party and their representative must we witness before we say ‘no’.

We hold hand-held radiation devices in our hands, next to our brains and even sleep with the f**kin’ thing, grandly oblivious that radiation, over time, kills.

We just can’t say ‘no’.

But who will be there to put the pieces together of a life ended way before its time, because we couldn’t say ‘no’?

Guaranteed, it won’t be the government, it won’t be the corporations, it won’t be the pharmaceutical demons, and sadly, it probably won’t be our families, because they too are so sick, so poisoned and thus deluded in mind, heart and soul to recognize those who ended the lives of their loved ones prematurely, are the a-holes of this life who promoted peace, harmony and going along with the current jive of f**kery.

I’m sure there is a good chance I’m wrong, but if there is any type of judgement given to us upon our deaths, I can’t fathom that much of the ‘review’ of our time here on this circus will be given to the affirmative thoughts of peace and goodwill we have harbored in our hearts, but rather to the times when we had the opportunity to say ‘no’, and again, ‘fuck no’, standing against the psychopath’s offerings encountered upon the journey, standing against the un-uprooted corner of evil in all humans hearts that have manifested into the avalanche of evil that we choose to ignore in this modern era of insanity, and standing for the love, the innocence, the goodness and truth that we each must stand for…for the lives our of children and our loved ones.

How many of our ‘nine lives’ do we think will be afforded to us before we each must individually, answer to why…why did we not say ‘no’ to the evil of the era.

As I live in a musical world for as much of the day as possible to buffer the modern madness, and have for so many of my 63 years, I am familiar with a musical genius who produced miraculous musical creations that said ‘no’ to the depravity of his era…instead creating a glorious ‘yes’ to beauty, to love, and to courage.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67 (3rd and 4th movements) – West–Eastern Divan Orchestra Daniel Barenboim, conductor

(headphones on, and volume at maximum, assists in wondrous ways that the geniuses of the past created, to inspire each of us to say ‘no’ to evil.

Photo by Kristina Flour on Unsplash


  1. There are so many challenges one faces when trying to figure out how to live with love, light, peace, joy, and gratitude these days, Decker. It feels like a moment to moment battle to choose the “right” (or “left”) path. It’s often a lonely journey and more times than not I feel like I have failed. But I keep trying anyway in the small ways I can. I no longer have illusions about my ability to change legislation, organizational culture, or academia. But today, I harvested carrots from my garden, grateful that the carrots grew despite all of the challenges- deluges, dry spells, rabbits, slugs, and insects,. I didn’t have to drive to the store to buy them in plastic bags. Their healthy stems will form a protective blanket for gardens in winter and help fertilize the earth next spring. Now I have to store them using water and electricity, supporting technologies that may or may not cause harm, and then, grade papers to encourage students to be inquisitive and caring about life, using software developed by a rapacious for-profit corporation. All I can do is hope the balance of good and evil evens out somehow…

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    1. Thank you, Carol, for your thoughtful and truly inspiring words. You’re so right, we face so many challenges each and every day. We do what we can (or hopefully we do) to mitigate in small or great ways all that we are being swarmed with, hoping that others to might do what they can, and the collective soul of good gains an unstoppable momentum. You harvested carrots from your garden – fantastic. Our garden this year has produced next to nothing, but we are indeed grateful for what it has produced. Once again, thank you for your thought provoking and beautiful comment. Cheers!

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  2. Brilliant, wow, great post. I’ve just said another layer of ‘f**k no’ by committing to holistic healing, starting classes ‘local’ — closest I could find is 1.5 hour away — I hope it will be worth it and not some ‘umbrella’ scam of the United Nations as a platform for their Agenda2030!

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    1. Thank you so much. Love hearing you’re committing to holistic healing. I too am on that path…I don’t have to journey 1.5 hours as you do, only 30 minutes through miserable city traffic. Still, it has been worth it. I hope it provides to you what is needed and more. Thanks again for your comment. Cheers!

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