For the Love of Our Families

Everyday, even on Palm Sunday or “Masters Sunday”, or just any other Sunday (take your pick) we find out how much shyte the charlatans, the scum and vermin we live among, dish out to us each day.

Evil never rests.

Amazon Alexa Wants to Spy on Your Family’s Health – via

As I was watching the final round of “The Masters” golf tournament today, and after the play of the round was done, with Tiger’s brilliant talent shining through, I was struck with what Tiger repeated more than once…that being how much his victory meant to him, hugging his dad back in 1997 after his first victory, and now, in 2019, hugging his son after his latest victory,  That was the juice of it all…Family.

In the end, this is all that matters…the love of our own, or our families, of our blood – and anyone who would tell you differently…is full of absolute bullshit.

Washington a-holes…corporate f**ks, and all those who sell out for the buck(s) the corporate shittery of the era these shysters grease the palms of – they are nothing more than vermin…they are the lowest of the low – they could a flying f**k about you or anyone you love.

Your love, your courage to stand for truth, to stand for the health and well-being, both of body and mind, of you and your loved ones is all we have left to us.

If you won’t fight to preserve your family…all is lost.


“The Masters” – Theme Song

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