The Scent of Insanity

The guy with orange hair is at it again, dropping “love bombs”  for the benefit of so many of the unwashed.

Last month, President Trump himself wrote on social media about 5G, saying that:

“American companies must step up their efforts, or get left behind.”

“I want 5G, and even 6G, technology in the United States as soon as possible. It is far more powerful, faster, and smarter than the current standard,” he tweeted. (We’ll let the fact that there is no such thing as 6G technology slide for the sake of election campaigning). – via

5G, 6G, 12G…the sky is the limit. And screw the health ramifications of it for every one of us – for psychopath’s haven’t a soul, haven’t a care of you or any of your main squeezes, and could give a flying you-know-what about anything beyond what buck they can make off your misery from their offerings.

Just as Trump continues to astound so few with the 4D chess moves he makes every week – you know the ones: tearing up the Iran deal, on national television, no less – so cool. Leaving Syria, then staying, then leaving again, then staying again, or dreaming of technologies designed to F**k each of us in the ass – it’s all teenage angst, turned deadly and tweeted out every week.

And more of his f**kery:

Trump Just Gave Himself More Power to Kill in Secret – via

After seven years spent presiding over many hundreds of secretive, extrajudicial CIA killings, President Barack Obama signed a 2016 executive order intended to increase transparency and reduce the “tragic” deaths of civilians. The order required the release each May 1 of the number of drone strikes undertaken by the United States “against terrorist targets outside areas of active hostilities,” along with “assessments of combatant and non-combatant deaths.”

In theory, the American public would finally know how many innocents were being killed outside of Iraq and Afghanistan, stoking anti-American sentiment and the possibility of blowback in multiple countries where no war was declared.

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump rescinded that short-lived reporting requirement. As Charlie Savage observed in The New York Times, “Mr. Trump’s revocation of the disclosure rule amounted to a belated acknowledgment that his administration had already changed the Obama policy in practice: The director of national intelligence never put out a report about bystander casualties in 2017.” Although the Pentagon is still required by statute to disclose civilian casualties from its ongoing combat operations, Savage explained, that law doesn’t cover lethal CIA drone strikes.

The sane individual – the few still among the living in this circus, catches the scent of the latest guano from these non-humans and reels inward, becomes shut-ins, or even more desperate, cling to their secret hope that time machines exist and are somewhere within their reach to afford an escape to a different place in time where deranged a-holes aren’t concocting absolute bullshit as reality.

They know they are fed a continuous stream of demon droppings that are imbedded in the tundra for a brief amount of time, that manifest into the toe-jam from the slabs of feet of these scum-infested shit dwellers.

We’ve all experienced it before. You walk into one of the corporate shoe factories, hoping your olfactory senses might not be bombarded with the scent of feet that smells like they’ve been fermenting in human excrement, and come to the quick conclusion that you have to exit the premises lest you succumb to projectile vomiting.

That same overwhelming stench from “hobbit feet”, slabs of cheese feet – this is the garden of scents that the modern day f**ks of government offer up each day.

Sadly, the scent of knowing when BS is BS has long since been vanquished from our senses of smell, taste, touch – casting all our human-ness aside that allows the bat-shyte crazy to “rule” us.

MMR Vaccine ACTUALLY Causes Measles – Journal of Clinical Microbiology – Rapid Identification of Measles Virus Vaccine Genotype by Real-Time PCR – via

Portions of Measles Outbreaks Are Due to Vaccine Reactions and Not Wild Measles Virus – via

Will any of us hear a word of the above from the corporate media, bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical corporations?  Never!

Insouciant Americans, knee-deep in the outhouses of stench from their government and corporate overlords, are apparently happy and content to continue to breathe deeply of the insanity scattered all about by these psychopath’s, concluding they are smelling gardenia’s, rather than the shyte it is.


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Here Comes My Baby” – Cat Stevens

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