What You Hold in Your Hand…

Remember when toilet seats were a disgusting thing that many “handled” with the same expertise that hazmat teams employ to dispense with poisonous materials that would be a danger to life or to the environment if released without precautions?  Of course you do, and probably are still employing whatever series of precautionary measures when confronted with having to sit on, pull up or just look at the damn thing.

Another reason to take to the hills and abandon all forms of the modern era is a recent flowery-scented article that lets us know that those handy, hand-held radiation devices that nearly everyone is addicted to, are 300% dirtier than the toilet seat you abhor.

Smartphone screens are 300% dirtier than a toilet seat

(Natural News) Do you remember when you last cleaned your smartphone screen? According to a study in the U.K., over a third of users have never cleaned their phones, which means these devices are filthier than a toilet seat.

The research was conducted by Insurance2go, a British travel insurance company.

Aerobic bacteria, mold, and yeast on your smartphone

The study determined that at least 35 percent of users “have never cleaned their phone with wipes, a cleaning fluid, or a similar product.” The researchers noted that only one in 20 smartphone users clean their phone every six months or less.

Insurance2go swabbed three popular handsets – a Google Pixel, an iPhone 6, and a Samsung Galaxy 8 – to test for aerobic bacteria, mold, and yeast. The shocking results showed that all key areas of the three phones contain at least some quantity of each type of substance.

The researchers measured the dirtiest parts of the smartphones by counting the amount of colony-forming units per square centimeter (cm2). The units are used to measure the “number of viable bacteria or fungal cells in a sample.”

The findings revealed that the screens of the three phones had a combined total of 254.9 colony-forming units per cm2. The phone screens were the dirtiest parts of the devices that were tested. The researchers added that there was an average of 84.9 units on each screen.

Meanwhile, test results confirmed that a toilet and flush only had 24 units, while an office keyboard and mouse just had five. (Related: Using your phone while on the toilet is “dangerous,” researchers say.)

Tasty, indeed! 

What to do with this information that will upset your digestive tract? Well, garlic, apple cider vinegar, and fennel might help settle the queasy stomach, but since most of an apathetic American has never been introduced to the wellness and healthy benefits of herbs – how would they know that some strange thing called, plants, exist?

The garden from the heavens provides a multitude of remedies for whatever may ail us – dirty toilets we hold in our hands all day, included.

Study: Dietary Coconut Oil Leads to Healthy Skin – Reduces Skin Infection and Inflammation – via healthimpactnews.com

Can there be other benefits from coconut oil?  We’ll let Stacy tell us more:

Isn’t it amazing to come across a life outside the matrix of modern day f**kery?


Tonight’s musical offering:

Maurice Ravel –  “Bolero” –  London Symphony Orchestra –  Valery Gergiev

(headphones on, and volume up for this masterpiece that starts out oh, so quietly…but ends in magnificence)

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@kate_torline

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