The Bounty of Health Before Each of Us

In this age of fakery of life, where we’re presented with BS that hasn’t a scent of the truth to it, as gospel – we find ourselves turning to the natural for the answers our hearts ache for…to God’s world, the Creator’s or whatever other worldly or heavenly entity that created a world of such magnificence, that only humans, given free will, could turn into a cesspool of ugliness, hatred and sadness.

And in that world that God gave us – there is the beauty of the simple, the profound, the life-giving gifts of creation that have been ignored, have been buried for the most part by the curmudgeon of the day – hoping that we never, ever think about the bounty before all of us – so that you’ll keep buying into their nonsense, their ugliness, their death-giving concoctions – far, far away from the beauty that all of us were given upon birth and so very far from what the creator’s gave each of us –  that being, a life here on this planet to be a part of the glory of God to all of those before us, those in our lives presently, and those yet to born.

There are thousands, and probably more of the natural that have programmed out of us. Shysters have taken us away from our true selves. But still, the gifts of God are still there – for each and every one of us.

Please consider the tiniest fraction of God’s gifts for your health and well-being – and if so inclined, investigate further of God’s bounty – it is still there for each of us to partake.

The Many Uses of Peppermint Oil – via

Compounds in Pomegranate Juice Found to Trigger Cancer Cell Death – via

Chicory can Protect the Liver from drug-induced damage – via

One of the best all-around websites on natural healthCrooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

And one of the best websites for so many ailments we might encounter upon our journey to the other side – and the bounty that God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who stared all this have provided to each and every one of us to heal us naturally…

And finally, one of the most beautiful of Christmas tunes – one that provides a mental balm, if only momentarily – for the aches of our hearts, our souls and minds:


“In the Bleak Midwinter” – Gustav Holst

Quire Cleveland, conducted by Ross W. Duffin, performing at Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland OH, December 3-4, 2010.

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