The Perfect Gift

You know how it goes…you open the mailbox, expecting something to be in there – credit card offers, collection notices, IRS notifications, get-out-of-jail-free cards – something, and upon opening it you find the box is empty.  Then you look down on the ground and see a big bundle of stuff, bound by rubber band, and you wonder, is all this mess for me?

Yes, it is!

A package of junk is what I found today in the form of mail. So much junk that it couldn’t fit in the mailbox.

The bulk of it was holiday catalogues.  Not just one but 10 of them. Ho-hum.

It’s always nice when the holiday season comes along to remind us to buy junk for others that will most likely end up being re-gifted or thrown in the trash come June.

Stocking stuffers are my personal favorites of junk one will probably never use. Lip balm, gum, maybe an odd piece of fruit, candy you hate, eye liner, a bar of exotic smelling soap, and little packets of tissues. One could almost take the stocking full of said junk and dump it into the trash and feel quite proper about it all.

But it’s the thought behind giving you all this junk that is important, right?

I knew of a large family years ago, fed up with all the Christmas gift-buying nonsense, that led them to pool all the money they would have spent on gifts for each other, adding in a bit more, and used that money to buy a used car for a very poor individual who needed some sort of transportation to get them back and forth for work.

What do most of us want at this time of year? The basics. A home with heat or working fireplace to take the chill out our bones from being out in the Winter madness. A trusted friend to laugh with us and take the sting out of our insecurities, our fears, our loneliness and mistakes we all make.  Maybe a dinner, cooked with love, the most important ingredient of any meal, to nourish not just our bodies but our minds and soul. The simplest of things is all we really want.

The freshest way to steer clear of the plastic holiday season is to stop participating in giving away our hard earned money to the corporate shysters who play upon one of the greatest of most human’s traits…that being our desire to give. Charity and kindness would be another way of saying it and it wasn’t delivered to us in a neatly wrapped box, rather it was given to each of us freely upon our entrance into life to give to others.

We lament, and probably deep down inside each of us, we abhor the insanity of the age of runaway technology; of political leaders who continue to offer humankind their evils of war, war and more war; corporations with their mega billions who continually want more and a media that lies to us and promotes the government and corporations’ evils. For the most part – these are not humans. They are runaway psychotics, only content to heap burden after burden upon the innocent. They flash their offerings before us and all too many believe in their tricks, listen to their lies and embrace their insanity. They are nothing more than a flash of evil that we can choose to disengage from by the choices we make each day.

The flash of the perfect holiday gift is just that – a flash of little value.

What we value most is what humans have valued throughout time – health, friendship, music, nutritious food, kindness, laughter, truth, and love – all wrapped up neatly in our own hearts and minds.

There is no need to chase around town, sit for hours staring at websites on the world wide waste looking for the perfect gift…for the perfect gift we can give to another can be found by taking a look in the mirror…it is you.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Chopin ~ Etude, Opus 10, No. 4 ~ Valentina Lisitsa

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