It is a Crock of Shyte…and it Stinketh Mightily…Or, Just Skip to the End of This Written Tripe and Groove to a Bit of “Swing”

It is one of the rarely quoted verse’s from the Bible that applies to nearly every Washington political creep crawling out of Gehenna’s undisclosed cesspools across the country: “They who are borneth an a-hole, remain therein” – or, when listening to their murmurings, their imbecilic thoughts, their mind-splitting stupidity, the following forgotten Bible verse is appropriate – “It is a crock of shit and it stinketh mightily”.

And so, when we came upon the following crock of excrement barfed out of an orifice of an “elected official”, it sends any thinking soul to the nearest depository to rid themselves of the absolute f**kery they hear.

Forget the All-Blacks ‘Haka’, ignore Foreman-Frasier, Drago-Balboa, and Ortiz-Liddell, the honor of the greatest (or perhaps most awkward) staredown in history now goes to US Vice President Mike Pence…


As the Russian president joined the that Pence shook Putin’s ‘deadly’ hand, met his ‘steely KGB-trained’ gaze, and desperately tried not to smile or blink for 20 seconds as Putin appeared to chat amicably with the US VP…

While Putin has (if his accusers are to be believed) grappled his opponents to death with his bare hands (remember he is a sinister KGB agent and jiu-jitsu expert); we suspect the only thing VP Pence has gripped tightly in his hands is his bible. – via

Oh…so very scary! The steely eyed stare from an absolute nutjob must frighten the bejesus out of Putin.

Maybe Pence was giving Putin the “stink eye” to convey the absolute f**ckery Washington is capable of dumping on innocents across the globe.

Washington’s endless wars, endless strife, endless murders of innocents in sovereign nations far from US shores – all under the rouse of protecting the U.S. from the evil deeds of other countries who DON’T have troops, missiles, and other assorted weapons of destruction as the U.S. has on the borders of Russia – the stink eye from the deranged Pence must have sent shivers of thoughts of drinking rancid Russian vodka through Putin’s rotten veins.

There is f**kery…and there is the choice f**kery of Pence, Trump, Bolton and Pompeo – unleashing their brand of insanity upon any country, any peoples, any nation or anyone one who doesn’t swallow Washington’s vile hatred of any country who won’t bend the knee to the nightmare of Washington’s hegemony.

So few pay attention to what is presented to them by the government and mainstream media as fact, that is nothing more than absolute lies to keep Washington’s game afoot, allowing the BS, the lies, the horseshit of their offerings to continue unabated – it is no wonder that so few know of anything outside the f**kery of Washginton, Hollywood, mainstream media and other assorted modern day shysters offerings, so much so that if God Himself/Herself or Itself descended from the heavens and said:  “All that they offer is a crock of shyte and it stinketh mightily’ – most would yawn, look to their dumbphones and wait for the next text to guide them toward more empty offerings from the deranged to ensure they continue to obey, consume and repeat their 24/7/365 message of insanity.


Tonight’s musical offering:

La Pompe Jazz ~ “Jersey”

(We all wish we could swing like this…and more often than not…we can!)

Denver swing dancers, Ceth Stifel and Dani Botello, doing their thing, to the La Pompe Jazz swing tune, “Jersey”. Shot in an old warehouse in the RINO district in Denver.


Photo credit:


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