What We Allow to Continue

Our heroes in Congress are at it again, doing what they do best – advancing the killing of about anyone they please, especially people in countries that pose no threat to the U.S.

Why? Because this is what psychopath’s do. Make promises on the campaign trail that they never intend to keep; ignore the will of most sane humans in their district; disregard the killing of innocents at their hands in a country far, far away…and send our sons and daughters (never theirs) to kill and be killed – all for the continued profits of Washington’s war machine. And all this doesn’t take into account the perks of the office and their six figure salaries that turn into millions in years to come.  It’s good to the the king.

On Wednesday, in a vote heavily along party lines, the House passed the Manage our Wolves Act 201-187. The vote effectively blocked all debate on the war in Yemen, and precluded that conflict from coming up for a future vote.

This is the second straight year that an attempt to challenge America’s unauthorized involvement in the Yemen War under the War Powers Act has been derailed by House leadership through last minute rule changes. This time, it required tying the rule change to a vote about gray wolves. via antiwar.com

Obfuscate, detract, lie, evade…all in a days work for these shysters.

And then the mustachioed freak spoke, sending children and animals howling for cover:

27312462738_89b8dfe62d_mWith the newly reimposed US sanctions against Iran having little to no perceivable economic impact, national security adviser John Bolton is talking up his plans to continue to escalate the sanctions track, saying he will “squeeze Iran until the pips squeak.”

Bolton shrugged off the reality that Iran is still doing business internationally, saying that he believes Iran is “under real pressure” from the sanctions, and that he’s determined to see it keep getting worse. – via antiwar.com

Satan’s representative speaks and the eyes of innocents bleed.

But what’s a voting citizen to do?

Easy…continue to scream at anyone who doesn’t agree with your opinion; who didn’t vote; and especially didn’t vote for the shiny charlatan you picked out, believing in their bucket full of batshit they laid out on the campaign trail – whether it was last week or two or more years ago.

The freaks have most of us in their pocket. It’s a crafty little game they’ve played for a time now, keeping us at each others throats, pitting one group against another – sex against sex, race against race, and lulling the rest to a state of unresponsive stupor, while the GMO’s in the food supply they oversee, the deliciously evil additives to the water supply they oversee, enough wifi signals littering the air to scramble too many a mind, produces zombie creatures that even the heavens can’t recognize.

The added bonus from these degenerates is an educational system that renders students incapable of logic, reason, and common sense – is it any wonder that so many waste their lives with entertainment, social media guano and every other digital device diversion that leaves the participant with mouth open, drool coming out the sides of their mouths and an inability to think for themselves, while the sirens of the demons pacify us to obey…consume, and repeat?

Many a soul today here in the richest country in the world quietly works through the desperation of getting through another day – while its elected “leaders”, and their lock-step partners in the media, have orgasmic delights over their control, their lying, their manipulation and their outright f**kery they heap upon their brethren, and, of course the accumulation of money from their bullshittery, not for you or me, but for these demonic souls, who happily flitter away the toil of its citizenry to make a frickin’ buck – for themselves, at the expense of you and yours.

They spew their insanity via left-wing or right-wing venues – they utter the most insane and vile of offerings against what God, Mother Nature or the committee of dolphins that started this circus intended.  And one wonders, how can they so casually dismiss the sufferings of their brethren?

It’s easy to understand when one thinks just a bit – they have theirs and to hell with anybody else who doesn’t have theirs.

God help us that we continue to buy into their horseshit.  God have mercy on us for continuing to follow their insanity.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Elgar ~ Enigma Variations ~ Variation IX (Adagio) ~ Sir Colin Davis

Photo credit (front cover): http://www.unsplash.com/@sknutson

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey


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  1. We’re expected to police the world – yet the defense budget continually gets cut. We are expected to feed the world – yet our own homeless are still begging on the streets. One day we’ll learn that we can not save the world until we first heal ourselves.

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