Let’s Keep Pretending This is All Going Well

The hallmarks of any “denier” of reality is the art of pretending. It’s a game we all learned when we were little ones. Back then, it was usually harmless – pretending to be a nurse, pretending to be a fireman, pretending to be doctor or favorite athlete.

Today, pretending is high art, as demonstrated by almost anyone walking the fruited plane. Except today’s pretending, adult style, is done by professionals who have perfected their craft.  These professionals excel at what some might call pretending – more appropriately, it is also known as lying.

17 years after U.S. forces and the Northern Alliance captured Kabul, half of Afghanistan has been retaken by the Taliban and the war is dragging on. ISIS have also become increasingly active in the country and approximately 14,000 U.S. troops are still serving there in an attempt to contain a growing wave of extremism. Even though the conflict has been making fewer headlines in recent years, the U.S. has never dropped as many bombs on Afghanistan as it did this year. According to U.S. Air Forces Central Command data, manned and unmanned aircraft released 5,213 weapons between January and the end of September 2018. – via Forbes.com

Trump, and Obama before him, promised an end to the continued wars that their predecessors concocted for our sons and daughters, and the innocents in sovereign nations to die in – not for our safety, but only for the profit of their buddies in the Manhattan corporate offices of the military industrial complex of corporations of shittery and death. Obviously, they were just pretending to be above the murders of innocents, and pretending to be anything but the a-holes they are.

Then we have the bureaucratic shysters in Washington who purport to be in allegiance with what any citizen wants – good health.  But you won’t hear of the following in the mainstream media of pretenders of providing honest reporting – no, never.

RFK Jr. Wins Case Against U.S. Government for Vaccine Safety Violations – via naturalnews.com

(Natural News) Del Bigtree, founder of Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), teamed up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to take on the U.S. government by filing suit against the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for vaccine safety violations — and they won. This is big news for all concerned with the topic of vaccine safety. It turns out the federal agency has been neglecting their vaccine safety obligations for over 30 years. The lawsuit brought by RFK Jr. is evidence that “vaccine safety” as we know it is nothing more than a sham.

More pretending from the psychopath’s.

And then we have the greatest, most advanced and dubious pretenders of them all – the Hollywood degenerates:

Just two weeks before Israel pounded Gaza with bombs last night, over 1,200 celebrities came together to raise a record-breaking $60 million to support the Israeli Defense Forces and Israel’s occupation of Palestine at a gala called Friends of Israeli Defense Forces (FIDF).

The Israeli jets bombing the Gaza Strip targeted the Al-Aqsa TV headquarters and killed at least five Palestinians.

At least 214 Palestinians have been killed and over 18,000 wounded since beginning the Great Return March on the 30th of March this year, coinciding with the Trump administration’s decision to move Washington’s embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy Palestinian city of Jerusalem Al-Quds.

Despite their support for seemingly progressive politics at home, these celebrities apparently see no contradiction in supporting the U.S.-backed Israeli occupation of Palestine and blockade of Gaza — the world’s largest open-air prison, which Israel has bombed to rubble. – via mintpressnews.com

And while we’re all pretending to be informed, open-minded, free speech advocates – hitting our social media accounts with all the guano drummed up by the government and mainstream media of BS that we should be really, really concerned about, according to the great pretenders – the lives of our brethren, both at home and abroad, are extinguished or maimed, while we continue to pretend that all is right and good.

“The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy.” – William Hazlitt


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mussorgsky: Great Gate of Kiev – from Pictures at an Exhibition ~ Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

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