(Real) Foods The Creator Gave Us With a Picture in Mind

“Nature is a glorious school for the heart! It is well; I shall be a scholar in this school and bring an eager heart to her instruction. Here I shall learn wisdom, the only wisdom that is free from disgust; here I shall learn to know God and find a foretaste of heaven in His knowledge. Among these occupations my earthly days shall flow peacefully along until I am accepted into that world where I shall no longer be a student, but a knower of wisdom.” – Ludwig van Beethoven

It’s somewhat frightening that even with the creator(s) of this circus leaving humankind with blueprint after blueprint on how to live life in a proper and tasteful manner via brilliant teachers, thinkers, artists, musicians, composers, saints, somewhat reformed sinners and more, providing the food for our minds to overcome ourselves – so few have chosen to follow their wisdom through the ages.  How else to explain the carnival of idiocy that too many an innocent soul has died or suffered from throughout this bloody mess of it all.

Yet when it comes to our foods, that which provides health and sustenance, it appears God not only told us what is good for our bodies, He/She/It also provided a picture for our minds, provided by the creation – a pictorial for our health:

Carrot for the eyes; celery for the bones; clams for the testicles; ginger for the stomach; ginseng root for the human body; grapefruit for the breasts; grapes for the lungs; beans for the kidney; mushroom for the ears; olives for the ovaries; sweet potatoes for the pancreas; tomato for the heart; avocado for the uterus; walnut for the brain; broccoli to fight cancer cells and onions for body cells – via wisance.com

It’s easy in this day and age not to believe the written word, so…the pictures of what I speak are provided in the article – “16 Foods That Look Like Body Parts They’re Good For”.

If nothing else it shows us just how beautiful, wondrous, miraculous and indeed, loving, God is to us all, each and everyday, providing the heavenly blueprint to health…if we would but listen…and look.


Tonight’s musical offering:

We return to Beethoven and his love of nature –

Beethoven was a true son of the Rhine in his love for nature. As a boy he had taken extended trips, sometimes occupying days, with his father “through the Rhenish localities ever lastingly dear to me.” In his days of physical health Nature was his instructress in art; “I may not come without my banner,” he used to say when he set out upon his wanderings even in his latest years, and never without his note books. In the scenes of nature he found his marvelous motives and themes; brook, birds and tree sang to him. In a few special cases he has himself recorded the fact.

But when he was excluded more and more from communion with his fellow men because of his increasing deafness, until, finally, he could communicate only by writing with others (hence the conversation-books, which will be cited often in this little volume), he fled for refuge to nature. Out in the woods he again became naively happy; to him the woods were a Holy of Holies, a Home of the Mysteries. Forest and mountain-vale heard his sighs; there he unburdened his heavy-laden heart. When his friends need comfort he recommends a retreat to nature. Nearly every summer he leaves hot and dusty Vienna and seeks a quiet spot in the beautiful neighborhood. To call a retired and reposeful little spot his own is his burning desire.

          Almighty One
          In the woods
          I am blessed.
          Happy every one
          In the woods.
          Every tree speaks
          Through Thee.

          O God!
          What glory in the
          On the Heights
          is Peace,—
          Peace to serve
via gutenburg.org

Beethoven – Symphony No. 6 in F major, Op. 68 (Pastoral), West–Eastern Divan Orchestra Daniel Barenboim, conductor Royal Albert Hall

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@freestockpro



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