Nature’s Bounty

You know how it is…you have a dark and unexplainable craving for sodium benzoate – you know – the junk that is in popular paint stripper products, permanent spot removers, rubber cements, but where in the world can you go to get your fix?

Not to worry, it’s in lots of U.S. food products all approved by the FDA for human consumption.

Frickin’ fantastic!

As I was visiting my naturopathic doctor today (can you believe it – they’re still allowed to practice here in the U.S.- dispensing sage wisdom and natural ways to health that your grandparents, their grandparents, the Native Americans before them and generations before them knew of without FDA interference) I marveled at the knowledge she had regarding all the herbs, supplements, enzymes, diet modifications and the like that can be obtained through a simple desire on our parts to be as healthy as we can be.

It was like a luxurious symphonic journey where your eyes are opened to the truth that you know of, deep in your heart, but are too afraid to acknowledge. A truth to health that modern Western medicine and the pharmaceutical corporations of filth would prefer you don’t know about – that being, the beautiful and gentle manner in which Mother Earth can provide healing.

No long extended post tonight…just a hope that you each will care enough about your health to explore the magnificent bounties that God, Mother Earth, the committee of dolphins, or whatever other-worldly entity that started all this, provides each of us and our loved ones with natural ways to overcome that which ails us.

And if my insufficient words may not inspire you toward your own personal journey to health…I hope that the music offered below, if you but give it chance, might touch your heart to explore all that ails your body and even your minds… and give the natural means and love from God or Mother Earth a chance to heal all that which needs to be healed.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Rachmaninov: Symfonie No.2 (Adagio) Opus 27 Radio Filharmonisch, Orkest o.l.v. Eivind Gullberg Jensen Opname/recorded: 3 oktober 2010, in het Concertgebouw te Amsterdam.

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