Our Human Voice…Our Human Touch

Tweeting, texting, hours upon hours wasted on social media…how could one NOT be addicted to it all.

Forget whether gluten-free is better, forget that vegan stuff, forget whether the democrats, republicans, independents or the non-voting will change anything on the streets, and even, as Gehenna weeps, many are imploring God for the pant-suit wearing nutjob to just go away. Forget all that.

About the only thing most Americans can remember and agree upon is that they are addicted to their smartphones and modern day technology.

In the land of the mostly ignorant and more “unfree”, tech is the shyte.

Isn’t there an App that allows me to be notified when my mother, father, uncle, aunt or other in their assisted living facility is in need adult diapers?  After all, I just don’t have time to attend visiting them when I have so many tech responsibilities to attend to.

Checking in with another via text typically doesn’t mean shit.  What does it require of us to use thumbs to inquire about the latest nonsense of another’s lives, packaged in a two-sentence inquiry and hoping for nothing more in return. Picking up the phone, or God forbid, paying a visit to a less fortunate, sick or aging relative takes us away from our precious time of staring at the stupidity offered from our hand held radiation devices.

We’re all lost, some to a lesser – some to a greater degree – and yet, we relinquish our freedoms – we relinquish our hearts, our minds and souls to brethren turned psychopath’s, bludgeoning recipients with their death-knell of the human spirit and all that is right and decent.

As the brilliant writer CJ Hopkins writes:

Other questions, like whether to invade or just strategically bomb Iran or Syria, or some other non-ball-playing Middle East country, or pour billions more in military aid into Israel, or sell billions in weapons to Saudi Arabia, or foment a coup in Venezuela, or maintain almost eight hundred military outposts in over seventy foreign countries all around the world, are questions that do not require your input. The global capitalist ruling classes, the corporations they own and operate, their friends in the government and the intelligence agencies, and the corporate media will take care of all that. Same goes for those Wall Street banks, and the next looming global financial crisis, and those mass extinctions, and this wacky weather. The grown-ups with the fancy suits and haircuts are handling all that complicated stuff. You just worry about all those other issues, and get out there and vote for somebody! – via consentfactory.org

Our input is no longer required because we gave up giving our input quite a while ago. Or we have the mistaken impression that voting for one or the other is a gung-ho effort of ours that just might, when the moon is perfectly aligned with some star system, will wrest away the control we’ve allowed psychopath’s to continue to deliver, with ever increasing madness.

Believe it or not…you voice, your touch still matters. It matters to those loved ones and relatives who face each day and each night alone.

They may only need to hear your voice…it is a comfort. They may need only to feel your touch – no matter their feebleness, dementia or any of the myriad of other illnesses of the modern era.  They just need to hear or see you.

And as we allow smart nations, smart cities and the likes of utter modern bullshit from the psychopath’s reduce what’s left of our humanity toward another to nothing more than a text of “what’s happening now”, we each seal the nonchalance of what we might suffer from in our futures, with our nonchalance we give to others in the present.

Jean-Francois Paillard – Pachelbel: Canon in D major



  1. I thought this happened only in my country…
    As always, you point out very valid issues facing most of us living in “modern” societies. My husband & I try to keep a ‘healthy’ distance with tech/apps and try to live in “real” world. I feel it’s becoming more and more challening to do so, especially for those still in the corporate world (sigh).

    Happy Friday from Japan 🙂 And the music is much appreciated 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are so correct. It is indeed such a challenge to keep a healthy distance from tech/apps and the likes. Thank you for the comment and as always, thank you for stopping by. Very happy you enjoy the music!

      Liked by 1 person

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