Deep In Our Bones…We know Better

At a rather large corporation I worked out years ago, where we, just in our little corner in the Accounting organization of the company, waged a daily battle against stupidity, ineptness, pettiness, personality clashes, horrendously unqualified management and fighting the method of madness handed down by said unqualified management, I listened to a co-worker who succinctly summed up the corporations problems with a simple observation – we are our own worst enemies.

With a head of steam, advancing into my sixties now, it’s become glaringly apparent that that same observation can be applied to most of us.  We are our own worst enemies and simply can’t get out of the way of ourselves.

We battle with our mind, with our heart and soul daily, setting up a series of roadblocks to disqualify the simplest of prescriptions handed down to us by God, Mother Earth, or whatever committee of dolphins who started this circus, to what may be ailing us.

From the common sense that many of us were blessed with, but choose to ignore – to the more complicated problems that we face, where we allow shysters, hucksters, snake-oil salesmen, and other jive BS artists in the media and government to lead us to their promised land where your money ends up in their pockets for whatever they’re selling, and you end up poorer and, quite simply “taken” – we can’t seem to grasp that there is absolute shitery in their world.

Sadly, said shitery is exhibited to us, in a glorious display by these shysters, hucksters, snake-oil salesmen and other jive BS artists who present themselves to us via social media, Hollywood productions of distaste, political nutjobs of every persuasion – that they are the pillars of insanity that we should subscribe to.

Yet when presented with alternative ways to get around the shysters’ BS, we pull a con game on ourselves, thinking…we haven’t been given permission from the shysters to accept any alternative.

This is particularly true with matters regarding our health.

Deep in our bones we know that a life subsisting on the chemical ‘wonders’ the shysters offer us, with their sickening side effects, telling us that this is what must be done to wrest one’s self from whatever disease one might have, and is all one can do to ward off the crippling effects of whatever might be ailing us in this age of geo-engineering of the weather, genetically modified “everything” and pharmaceutical poisonings – our ‘bones’ tell us that this is all insanity.

But we push out our common sense, opting instead to believe in the nonsense we’re offered – because, I guess, we’re afraid.

Please give you and your loved ones’ a chance.  Would God, Mother Earth, or the committee of dolphins lead us astray with what they created to provide us innocents with a means to heal ourselves?  The short answer is…NO!

If you’ve read this far…you might see this is leading to…somewhere.

There are miracles of the earth that the shyster’s would prefer we don’t know about. It’s a flippin’ plant that the heavens have provided for our well-being.

And of course, those who want to kill the knowledge that all of us, deep inside our bones know of, they will do everything they can to squelch the miracles Mother Earth has provided each of us.

I invite you to explore the benefits of this miraculous plant.

The journey starts here:


The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be used in place of the advice of a healthcare professional. Always consult a doctor or your trusted health guru if you have health concerns.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Since it’s the first snow of the season here in the Rockies – why not offer a delightful tune of the season:

“Sleigh Ride” – LeRoy Anderson

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  1. Coca Cola is in talks with local producer Aurora Cannabis about developing marijuana-infused beverages. What could go possibly wrong? (How about everything for starters!)

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