In Appreciation of the Earth Mama’s

We all remember the tragic moment each day when we decide to exit our crib, throwing caution to the wind as we enter the circus of the living, where even the most benign interactions with other human travelers has the distinct possibility of being the most aggravating, pissy moment we’ve ever experienced.

The frustrating moment experienced dealing with what should be the routine…the mundane interaction with another human, can become the most excruciatingly, mind-numbing moment you’ve experienced since…yesterday.

And when it’s dealing with the medical personnel in their white lab coats, ever ready with their questions of when was the last time you allowed the medical profession to invade your body with their colonoscopy probes, with their cross-examinations as when was the last time you allowed a needle of chemicals to invade your body to ward off tetanus, the flu, shingles, and God knows what else – a tribunal of modern day idiots descend upon you to tell you that they give a shyte about your health . (An extremely well researched article on the nefarious activities of our government regarding the experimentation of our health can be read here.)

You could have Parkinson’s, or maybe any other of the hundreds of other neurological disorders – more tests will be needed. Okay.  So when can I see a neurologist?

Well, that may be a problem.  Neurologists are kind of few and far between.  They provide you the name of one they recommend.  You call them.  They can squeeze you in sometime around the next lunar eclipse.  Until then, you wait. Groovy!

“Earth Mama’s”, and I use that term endearingly, are, usually the salt of the earth, and probably angels sent from the heavens to assist us non-earth mama’s in providing us information on common sense remedies that Mother Earth provided, but have been long since been scrubbed from collective current wisdom so that we, encrusted in the idiocy of the modern era, will only listen to the white lab coats who tell us of only of methods of “healing” available to the diseases they tell us we have – whereby a concoction of chemicals is offered to us that have nothing to do with healing.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph – have we completely lost our minds? How much shittery from the modern era of ugliness will we continue to consume?

Earth Mama’s can be found at farmer’s markets, at the local herbal store – sometimes, they are a Naturopath or even a relative who has secretly been studying the wonders of herbs, natural supplements and the like, and can school you in the ways of health from Mother Earth that will blow your insouciant American mind.

Typically, earth mama’s are laughed at…they are dismissed as nothing more than the happy-tidings of souls lost and deranged. They are anything but that.

Give them a hearing. They can talk you to about most anything that might be ailing you and give you a healthy alternative to the chemical offerings from the white lab coats.

Or you can choose to ignore them and any who might offer a glimpse outside the insanity of the this shit-filled modern era and continue to vote in a-holes to replace the current a-holes so that the collective f**kery can continue on.

As CJ Hopkins reminds us…“Please Remember Not to Vote”


Tonight’s musical offering:

“Blue” – LeAnn Rimes

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