“So Long, and Thanks for all the Fish” ~ Douglas Adams

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish is the fourth book of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy “trilogy” written by Douglas Adams. Its title is the message left by the dolphins when they departed Planet Earth just before it was demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass, as described in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. via wikipedia.org


If one is lucky, they have a beloved pet – whether it be a dog, cat, or even fish they can talk to regularly throughout the day, advising them of their state of mind, and also, acting as an interpreter of what our beloved pet might be thinking from one moment to the next.

Of course, what our pet is thinking from one minute to the next we haven’t much of a clue about…but we like to think we do – one of the many reasons why we love our furry friends so much.

As our beloved pets are more in tune to what is going on in their world, and ours, than we ourselves know, it might be safe to say that we should consult with them on a regular basis. They know…more than most humans, what life is all about.

Our human mates, whether of the temporary or permanent variety seem to only be concerned with certain maladies present in each of us that might inhibit our mates from providing them with the “benefits” of a relationship.

Sex, companionship, someone to cook for them, someone to bring home the bacon, someone to listen to the melodrama’s of their lives, someone to clean up after their daily stench they leave about home and hearth – these are the advantages humans look for, whether consciously or unconsciously, when going through their check-list of wanted credentials when reviewing the resume of another human outside the somewhat quaint, yet always deranged antics of one’s immediate family.

But our pets…we choose them, well…maybe.  And once chosen, they are subjected to the odd ways of life that we humans dictate they must abide by…and most times, they abide splendidly.

The “love creatures” that define our pets are truly nothing other than pure love.

No matter the day we’ve had, no matter the sadness we feel, no matter the aches and sometimes extreme pain we might suffer from – our beloved pets are there to provide comfort. And they never ask for anything other than maybe pat on their head, or allowing them to give us a “kiss”.

After 62 years of living on this merry-go-round of insanity, experiencing the “joys” of dealing with all forms human depravity, I’ve come to understand that the love from our pets, along with the joy and love and that we humans allow ourselves to open up to during “that time of year” (Christmas here in the West), are about all that allows each of us to understand what our beloved pets already know…that being, just to love.

As our Christmas theme continues here at the Asylum (way before the “season”, only because we don’t know of another way to wake up humans to the decency and love we each have within us to overcome the evil and shittery of the modern era) – our musical offering tonight is provided (no matter how “smaltzy” it is) as a means to provide enjoyment of the upcoming Christmas season, and as a reminder that all we have to give to each other, is love…as our beloved pets already know.


Tonight’s musical offering:

“The Christmas Waltz” – Robert Goulet & Carol Lawrence


  1. Lovely, soulful pic of Henry.
    Alo,- my accommodating canine companion – says ‘hey’ to Henry. Or woof, woof or something like that – not sure about the translation.

    Liked by 1 person

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