So We’re Told

It’s always nice to put a fresh trash bag in the bin, especially one of those scented trash bags that beg the nose to think of floral arrangements rather than the chemicals they inhale from trash bags designed to give us the pleasure of inhaling chemicals rather than taking the trash of decay and rotted food outside.

The same theory can be applied to almost everything we put up with here in the richest country in the world.

Gasbag politicians calling out other gasbag politicians in an effort to cast themselves above the wrought, the stench and ending of innocents lives they oversaw when they held the staff of destruction during their time in charge of the richest country in the world – this is what we’re expected to support.

As I was told recently told, that I, being an old, jag-off retiree, simply had to accept that as we get older, well, we just have to understand that the chemical offerings of calloused guys in white lab coats, along with the pharmaceutical offerings of the companies that provide chemical shyte that never cures – it’s just what we have to accept to be “healthy”.

Forget that the universe has provided us herbs, vitamins, natural supplements that have healed many in ages past – we’re expected to bow before the lunatics of the age in order to keep the current insanity of donating our hard earned cash, and what’s left of our health, to shyster corporations so that the current system of non-health can continue.

Yet death and destruction comes in so many forms from the present lunatics running the circus that it’s becoming a pain in the ass to keep up with their offerings of BS.

The war-profiteering a-holes of the current administration in Washington, continuing with the preceding war-profiteering a-holes of past administrations, continue to be allowed to reign death upon innocents in nations abroad, for our safety, so we’re told.

17 years of endless wars, trillions spent for “our safety” have netted nothing more than innocents lives ended so that the bullshit from Washington can continue.

And not content with the nations Washington has rubbled in the last 17 years, there are still other nations that need to be either annihilated, or demolished good and hard to learn the lesson that only Washington’s hegemony provides rainbows and candy canes for all.

And while those rainbows are seen and the candy canes are falling from the sky, jive-ass corporations produce dung in the extreme, fragranced with the sweet smell of progress so that we might buy into more of their profiteering at the expense of our health.

In order to bring you and me the ability to download mainstream media propaganda and Hollywood garbage to our phones, computers, tablets and other radiation devices at lightning speeds, recent advertisements from telecommunications companies portray themselves as the next Moses, parting the Red Sea in order to bring us the next the wave of technology to make us sicker. Insouciant Americans slurp it up without a care.

I often ask God, the Universe, or the traveling circus that started all this insanity…why? What was the point if good and true souls throughout history are the ones who bear the brunt of the brutality of the insane.  I’ve never been provided an answer – or at least one that my weak and feeble soul can discern.

In past ages we had the Beethoven’s, the Mozart’s, the Bach’s, the Rembrandt’s, the RFK’s, the Malcolm X’s, the Martin Luther King’s, the Tolstoy’s, the Twain’s, the O’Connor’s, the Christ, the Ghandi, the Buddha and too many more I’m ignorant of who have tried to impart truth, beauty and a better way.  We continue to choose to ignore them.

Now we are left with lying degenerates of the mainstream media who trumpet the wars Washington dreams up; with originators of ugliness in the forms of the movies and music of today; with a political class who promises to provide us with the decency of care, concern and upkeep of their citizenry that any benevolent government would do, but by their actions shows us that they are nothing more than part of the ass heap of a-hole charlatans of generations dead and buried who gave the world nothing but dread, misery and death.

The lies of the past beget the lies of the present. Humanity is no better off. And yet – it’s all for our own good…so we’re told.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ~  Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in D minor Nr. 20 ~ Romance

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