And Yet Another Age of Buffoonery

As the colossal and glorious buffoon’s of the day march us toward pleasantries of mushroom clouds exploding on the horizon, or AI (Artificial Intelligence) taking over every random and other thought we might have; with obedient heads bent at a 45 degree angle asking their hand held radiation device just what that strange plume of smoke and clouds is in the sky, or why their minds no longer have an original thought – it will, for many, end the charade of it all.

Such a spectacle of ending the world with extraordinary nuclear entertainment or the silent acquiescence to an age of machines deciding what life is, could only be accomplished by demons who have wrapped themselves in the belief that they are gods and somehow, will retreat to their armored redoubts when the shit hits the fan, surfacing a few thousand years from now after the nuclear wasteland that what was once Earth, somehow miraculously rebounds, affording them another delicious opportunity to start in again with wasting away a new frontier. Such are the ways of the eternal demons.

And while most of the sleeping and dutifully ignorant mass of slaves in the West might banish the thought that their world of ink injected into the skin, of micro-blading whatever crop of hair that might need it: of waxed body parts and casual thoughts of pretending to be the king or queen of whatever fanciful stupid thing that pops into their heads at any time of the day or night – they will instantly understand that the clown dynasty they wrapped their minds arounds, put their hopes in, built their dreams upon – is nothing more than the insanities rejected by generations before…all of whom are now buried six feet under.

One might be able to stomach the apathy of the ages if the art of apathy was being perfected by the suffering, the poverty-stricken, the homeless, the forgotten, the down-trodden – you know, those souls that the derelicts in power are always going to save but never get around to it – the ones whom it would be most understandable to be apathetic. They are not the apathetic of the age as they struggle to etch out an existence each day.

The grand finale isn’t for them…it’s for all the apathetic’s who thought nothing like this could ever happen – after all, they were right in the middle of texting the louse a friend who was practicing their version of the art of apathy, ever ready to ignore the inbound latest melodrama of their friends life. They have chosen to continue to ignore, over and over again, the cries of suffering souls, and of the cries from their own souls they choose to ignore day after day.

But it’s taken a cast of millions to get the world to the brink of destruction.

Educators who fancy themselves as nurturer’s of easily manipulated youth, instilling their stench of biases into young minds, rather than providing the basic’s and allowing students to discover their real talents and send them off to explore whatever they might dream, without a hint of political correctness, without a hint of prejudice that the modern mensa’s proclaim themselves to be above, and without a hint of callousness that trashes the purity of the brilliance long since forgotten by those who haven’t the courage to allow the spirit and genius of the age to soar above the commonplace of the status quo – and with this, there is little hope that tomorrow will hold out any more hope than today.

Parents who lost interest in their children once they were told they were the parents of a ‘whatever’, busying themselves with the impossible tasks of making themselves look more a disheveled mess upon leaving their campground in the morning than if they simply rolled out of bed and exited their confines gloriously and apathetically unmade.

Media types and other entertainment business nutjobs who deemed themselves to be the grand marshal’s of the latest excrement the public should swallow, dutifully providing the filth to keep the modern day apathetic’s latched onto the incredible dullness of their offerings.

And the most heinous of the age – the politicians, with their lies, the kick-back’s from their corporate brethren, with their tricks and manipulations of truth, upon goodness and virtue, to amuse the minds of the fools falling for their nonsense – the fools being most of the populace…all this is what we’ve allowed ourselves to fall prey to.

Another war…why not.  One child dies every 10 minutes in Yemen – Americans yawn. Mandatory health screenings for children so that Big Pharma can make a few more billions off of little kids – who cares. Israel downs a Russian aircraft in Syria – it’s all good, for the BS from the West can continue to end innocents lives.

And it’s all the choicest of guano.

If only puppy dogs and kittens were all that the insouciant West had to concern themselves with, then all might be decent in the world.

Sadly, the age of buffoonery is dutifully rewarded by the apathetic’s of the age. They give their ooh’s and ahh’s when watching puppy dogs and kittens – but care not a whip about their own lives and those of their fellow human travelers enough to insist on change to avert the death and destruction which the demons dream of – that which is beyond their imaginations, because they chose to never explore their imaginations in the first place.

The sexual predators of the age go unpunished; the politicians who bring death to innocents with their wars, their regime change catastrophe’s, and turning the other cheek when it comes to helping their own citizens rise above the misery they live with day in and day out, mostly at the hands of these charlatans, are allowed to continue spreading their insanity.

The mainstream media of liars…of those who pretend of self-righteousness, with their personal closets filled with the skeleton’s of f**kery as they shout to crucify those with whom they disagree for the same or worse shyte they’ve waded through time and time again – the hypocrisy of it all continues to be stomached.

The magnificent farce of believing in the deranged dreams of malcontents, charlatans and the misfits from Hell will finally, and once and for all, end the apathy of souls, and the heavens will weep…not for the psychopath’s, but for the sufferings endured by the innocents whose gifts, wonder, mystery and beauty were never afforded a sliver of a chance to rise above the rot of the shitlords dump.

Sadly, the grand comedy/tragedy of life is only realized as one takes their last breath, finally coming to terms with the notion long since expelled from their minds by the demons of the age, but still buried deep in their souls…that they should have done more when they were alive, vibrant, and physically able to ward off the insanity of the ages that generations before us, for whatever reasons, weren’t able to extinguish.

“It’s a disease. Nobody thinks or feels or cares any more; nobody gets excited or believes in anything except their own comfortable little God damn mediocrity.” Richard Yates


Tonight’s musical offering:

G.F Handel * Sarabande ~ “Barry Lyndon” ~ The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Nic Raine

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